Push Square’s Resident Evil Zero HD Review Worthy of Praise

The horror classic has been revisited and revitalized for modern audiences.

The horror classic has been revisited and revitalized for modern audiences.

Resident Evil will always be a revolutionary and iconic name in the video game industry. Heralded by many as the father of original interactive horror (though some will go back to¬†Alone in the Dark), this series has gone through many iterations and installments over the past two decades. Of late, we’re seeing remastered and remade versions of the older classics, and this includes the recently released¬†Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster.

If you’re a long-time fan of the IP or you’re late to the party and you’ve often wanted to try an old horror classic, you need to check out Push Square’s excellent review. Critic Marcello Apostolico pens an engaging and in-depth analysis that tackles the topics of most interest to the reader. Notably, we want to know if the improvements and updates really do enhance the game, whether or not the original soul of the adventure has been retained, and ultimately, how the game withstands the test of time with the benefit of those aforementioned upgrades.

We also get a bit of history and some subjective reasoning, which are always essential parts of any good review, especially when we’re talking about a franchise with such a rich and complex history. Remasters and remakes require a little different approach than new games, as the reader is often looking for different things in a review. This critic seems to understand that, which is why we’ve selected Apostolico’s effort.

Congrats, Marcello!

Why We Like It:

— The review is nicely structured and entertaining, as we get a solid introduction and clearly defined parts of the analysis (control, graphics, etc).

Understands that a remaster/remake project requires a different review approach, due to the differences in the intended audience and the types of questions a reader is likely to ask.

— Despite the fact that it’s “only a remaster,” the critic doesn’t skimp on the details or information and still delivers a thoroughly complete evaluation.

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I just can’t get into all these remakes. I used to like the idea (and I still do, to some extent) but how many Resident Evil remakes or remasters or whatever do we really need?

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