“Real Gamers Don’t Read Reviews”

Review scores are an important part of the industry, but some gamers say they don't bother with them.

Review scores are an important part of the industry, but some gamers say they don’t bother with them.

As long-time critics in the industry, we’ve commonly heard the words uttered in the title of this article.

Those of us who have been reviewing games since the 16-bit days observe that really, things don’t change much. “True” gamers claimed to not care what the myriad of game magazines said about the latest and greatest; these days, “true” gamers claim to disregard any and all reviews from various websites.

The question here is simple: Is such a sentiment fueled entirely by bitterness, jealousy and ego, or is it a legitimate comment from an avid, knowledgeable gamer?

On the one hand, those who say they completely ignore reviews and review scores say that simply to appear elitist in forums and communities online. “I don’t read reviews and I don’t care about scores because I already know everything there is to know about video games, and besides, I’m smarter than critics, anyway.”

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Whether they admit to this inner mindset or not, we all know it’s there. For the same reason, every human alive who has seen a movie thinks he can be a professional film critic, and in fact, this counts for any entertainment realm. Whenever opinion is involved, the belief is that “anyone can do it” because anyone can form an opinion. That’s insultingly incorrect but such an immature belief will never disappear.

On the other hand, there are those who just do the requisite research and as such, have little need of reviews. Considering the sheer amount of media and information online in the current era, intelligent consumers can find out everything they need to know about any given game, and in a relatively short span of time. Take a quick look at some gameplay and read up on the premise and story, and that’s enough, right?

So, as usual, there are two sides to the argument. Which side are you picking?

7 thoughts on ““Real Gamers Don’t Read Reviews””

It’s 99% ego and that’s about it.

“I don’t read reviews” is just another way of saying “I’m an egocentric dick who’s secretly jealous of all game critics.”

I’d say less than 99%. Some of us simply have different tastes.

I’ve stopped reading reviews mostly because I’ve started to stumble on games I really enjoy, that supposed professional critics dislike.

Well, I almost never come across really bad reviews for games I enjoy. I’m just saying.

I guess if you’re hardcore enough and you spend all your time online checking up on that media and info, reviews probably aren’t as important.

But for those of us who don’t have time for that, a nicely done review is the best – and fastest – way to get an idea about a game.

I read reviews because it makes sense to read reviews. Anybody who says otherwise either wants to play crap or has something personal against video game critics.

Well, some people don’t read certain reviews because critics have proven that they don’t know how to review certain games…..

‘cough’ White Knight Chronicles ‘cough’

Good example. 🙂

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