Rely On Horror Embraces the “Grimm-Ness” of American McGee

It's fun to corrupt everything in sight!

It’s fun to corrupt everything in sight!

American McGee’s Grimm didn’t receive the most glowing reviews when it first released, but in reflecting on the gleefully demented episodic series, Rely On Horror recommends that you give it a go.

If you’re looking for an accurate, entertaining review on any game that deals with the darker side of fantasy, you can always – forgive the pun – “Rely on Horror.” Therefore, when you get a delightfully twisted adventure that might show its age in this new generation of techno-wizardry, you’ll want to heed the experts.

Worth purchasing? Critic Casper Bronmans has the answer.

If you're into the American McGee style, "Grimm" is definitely worth a peek.

If you’re into the American McGee style, “Grimm” is definitely worth a peek.

Why We Like It:

— First and foremost, it’s the obvious familiarity and appreciation of the genre in which this game resides. That’s what you get when you turn to sources that deal exclusively with a particular category or genre: Automatic passion and knowledge.

Detailed and relevant information from all three Seasons. As a busy critic with a lot on one’s plate, it’s always tempting to skip ahead. It’s all the more tempting when it’s an episodic series and you’ve got a ways to go. Thankfully, Bronmans clearly took his time, became well-informed, and produced a clear assessment.

— This review goes a little above and beyond, because it also acknowledges a big current trend: The rise of indie games. The critic in question understands that new audiences might not only accept but in fact welcome games that to some, may seem “old,” but to others, are diamonds in the rough.

Congrats, Casper!

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These guys are awesome. Every once in a while I’m in a place where I want some dark, freaky entertainment and i go to ROH to get some recommendations.

I’m not really even a horror fan either. I just know where to go when I’m feeling a…certain way. 😉

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