RPGFan Delivers a Stellar Atelier Sophie Review

It's a return to form and well worth an avid JRPG fan's time.

It’s a return to form and well worth an avid JRPG fan’s time.

JRPG followers know all about the Atelier series. It has long since been a bastion of quality and longevity (despite a few minor missteps), which is why fans were hoping for another solid and rewarding entry with Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book. Well, for the most part, that’s what they got, as explained by one of the role-playing gurus at one of our favorite sites, RPGFan.

Critic Derek Heemsbergen delivers a detailed, in-depth review that perfectly caters to the audience in question. If you didn’t know, JRPG followers expect that level of depth with their reviews and furthermore, they expect a certain amount of knowledge and enthusiasm. That’s what you always get in RPGFan reviews and why they’re so often a review haven for JRPG fans who are a little disillusioned with reviews at other sites.

Here, we get a fair amount of history (a must considering the long-running IP in question), a robust analysis of both the story and the critical game mechanics and systems, and a candid, well-informed conclusion. Franchise followers will know what has changed for the better – and worse – and exactly what to expect when they dive into this fresh installment. Very well done.

Congrats, Derek!

Why We Like It:

— As always, RPGFan understands their audience and exactly how to produce reviews for RPG fanatics. This review is another great example of that understanding.

Detailed, deep, and nicely structured, so the reader gets plenty of information on all the essential game elements.

— Gives the reader some franchise history as well as a few compare-and-contrast segments, which let fans know how this entry stacks up to previous ones.

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I’ve always liked the Atelier games but I haven’t played one in a while. Looks like I might have to get back into it. 🙂

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