RPGFan Has a Top-Tier Stranger of Sword City Review

For those looking for a satisfying Japanese-styled dungeon romp, Stranger of Sword City might satisfy.

For those looking for a satisfying Japanese-styled dungeon romp, Stranger of Sword City might satisfy.

One could easily argue that PlayStation Vita has languished due to a lack of quality exclusive software. Others might say it just hasn’t found its niche yet, as the PSP needed several years to really start going, too. But either way, the platform needs as many great games as it can get and while the recently released Stranger of Sword City might not qualify as “great,” it should still be worth playing.

To learn more, we recommend checking out RPGFan’s great review. Critic Robert Fenner pens a fantastic analysis of the game that, while similar to the underwhelming Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, is indeed better on all fronts. One of the reasons we’ve always liked RPGFan’s reviews is because they never skimp on the detail and depth, and that’s always essential when it comes to the more intricate games in the role-playing genre. Plus, Fenner’s obvious grasp of the genre shines through in every paragraph.

The reader might still be on the fence when he or she finishes with the review, but all the requisite information is there. Not only does the critic dive into the mechanics but he also addresses the setting and story, which is more important in certain games. In short, there’s a reason people turn to RPGFan for reviews of games like Stranger of Sword City.

This is Fenner’s second accolade here at VGRHQ; his first was for a great Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance review. Congrats again, Robert!

Why We Like It:

— It begins with a great comparison to a similar game that wasn’t received very well, which gives fans of the genre a basis for the new review.

— There’s plenty of depth and attention to detail in the text of the review, which is exactly what such a game demands.

The critic captures the style and tone of the game in question, which gives the reader a good idea of what to expect beyond the basic mechanics and gameplay. Atmosphere counts!

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I DO need something decent to play on my Vita. Maybe I’ll try it.

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