Shacknews Fires Off a Quality Star Fox Zero Review

The brave sky warrior is back and though entertaining, this new adventure has its flaws.

The brave sky warrior is back and though entertaining, this new adventure has its flaws.

Ah, good ol’ Star Fox. Nintendo fans and indeed, gamers of all ages the world over, recognize the iconic character. This was why so many were anxiously anticipating the ace pilot’s return to the battle on Wii U, and many hoped it’d be another instant classic.

Unfortunately, though some critics are saying Star Fox Zero is a solid and enjoyable game, the consensus is, in a word- “Meh.” However, it remains the job of any good reviewer, regardless of personal preference, opinion, or bias, to produce an excellent analysis of the product. That’s what professionals do. Even if you’re not especially enthusiastic about the game, you still need to deliver the goods, and we got just that at Shacknews.

Critic Steve Watts gives us a well-appointed, fast-moving review that tells us everything we need to know without mincing words. The evaluation is also broken up into highly digestible parts, making it more accessible for most readers (though some of us at VGRHQ maintain that “Wall of Text Syndrome” is only code for an increasingly lazy, refuse-to-read-anything generation). The result is a really great review that hits all the necessary notes without skewing off into meaningless tangents.

Congrats, Steve!

Why We Like It:

— It has that widely accessible and easy-to-read structure that many people want today, and it works exceedingly well.

From the first sentence, we know what the critic thinks and we want to learn more. It’s about getting the reader to keep scrolling down the page without giving away the farm; a nice balance.

— While reviews of games with classic characters tend to wander, this one stays laser-focused throughout. And because of that, we get an honest yet still entertaining perspective.

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2 thoughts on “Shacknews Fires Off a Quality Star Fox Zero Review”

‘sigh’ I wanted to get it but the reviews are stopping me. The Wii U has been gathering dust for a while and I thought this might be the game that……

Well, whatever. Bring on the NX or whatever it is. 🙂

Yeah, I figured as much. Wii U just isn’t cutting it anymore and the games, with a few exceptions, are just blah.

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