ShackNews Offers a Fun, Readable Review for Rocket League

It's a blast and a half, this one.

It’s a blast and a half, this one.

Some games are expressly designed to put a smile on your face. They’re not driven by in-depth and emotional narratives; they don’t require gigantic chunks of time for the sake of exploration and character advancement, and they certainly don’t take themselves seriously. One such game is Rocket League, which represents the unlikely – yet strangely entertaining – blend of soccer and racing.

If you’re wondering exactly how this works, you should sample a few reviews. And perhaps the one that should be at the top of your list can be found at ShackNews, where critic Ozzie Mejia pens a review that encompasses the game’s fun, carefree atmosphere. We at VGRHQ always believe that a critic should be in tune with any product he or she analyzes, and the text of the review should reflect the game’s style. In this case, the review and the game match perfectly.

We don’t require a huge amount of intricate detail because in truth, the title in question doesn’t have such intricate detail. And that’s okay. The review still gives us all the relevant information and offers obviously sound judgment, so interested gamers should be satisfied. And of course, that’s the ultimate “goal,” is it not?

Congrats, Ozzie!

It's a bizarre mix of soccer and driving but somehow, it kinda works.

It’s a bizarre mix of soccer and driving but somehow, it kinda works.

Why We Like It:

The review structure is accessible and digital-friendly, in that it’s broken up into easily digestible sections. This is becoming more common and makes it easier for some readers, especially those in the mobile space.

— Without beating around the bush at all, the review is concise and to-the-point throughout. We don’t mind a little philosophizing here and there but for games like this, it’s unnecessary. Just give us the goods.

— Relatively well-written and makes the reader want to try the game. The latter is essential, of course.

Read Ozzie Mejia’s Rocket League Review Now

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I might try this. I actually had a lot of fun with Acrobatic Supersonic whatever.

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