Shacknews Paints a Stellar Paper Mario: Color Splash Review

Loyal franchise followers might have to get it out of sheer principle, but will they be satisfied?

Loyal franchise followers might have to get it out of sheer principle, but will they be satisfied?

Those of a certain age may remember Super Mario RPG with a particular fondness and if they’re confirmed Nintendo fans, they’ll certainly be familiar with Paper Mario. So, why not fuse the concepts into a game just about everyone will love? That was obviously the purpose of the recently released Paper Mario: Color Splash but while it’s certainly an attractive product, perhaps the execution leaves a little something to be desired.

To learn more, we recommend heading over to Shacknews, where critic Steve Watts pens an excellent analysis of the new Wii U game. Firstly, when it comes to legendary IPs, while it’s important to acknowledge the lengthy history and tradition behind the franchise, it’s equally important to remain on task. In other words, don’t spend too much time waxing rhapsodic, opining about the good ol’ days, and comparing this new title to past entries. This review remains grounded throughout, and we get a solid, to-the-point introduction, an accessible and enjoyable structure, and great objectivity blended with a little subjective evaluation.

There’s an appreciated simplicity to this review as well. The game in question is hardly deep and intricate, and we’re big fans of reviews matching a title’s presentation and theme. Well done the whole way ’round, so congrats, Steve!

This is Watt’s second nod here at VGRHQ; he was first honored for his Star Fox Zero review.

Why We Like It:

No blatant love of the iconic Mario IP gets in the way of a proper objective analysis. The more legendary the franchise, the more likely this is to happen (even when critics don’t acknowledge that it happens).

The review manages to be simple, straightforward and accessible, without seeming terse or incomplete. This is a necessary skill in the critique game.

The reader receives a well thought-out evaluation that never drags, sermonizes, or goes off on tangents. Stick to the task at hand and deliver on all counts, that’s what we like.

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3 thoughts on “Shacknews Paints a Stellar Paper Mario: Color Splash Review”

I know the reviews are lukewarm but I’m getting it anyway. I’m a sucker for Mario in the first place and because I also happen to love RPG structures, well………no-brainer for me. 😛

I wish Nintendo could find a way to keep innovating and surprising us. They frankly haven’t surprised me with their hardware or software since the Wii came out.

I know some of the games have been pretty good but for the most part…meh.

I’m just not interested. Nintendo has long since needed to step up their first-party software game. Waiting on the new Zelda to see how that does.

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