Splatoon Earns a Passionate, Informed Review From Cubed3

Splatoon is a fresh, colorful take on the standard shooter formula.

Splatoon is a fresh, colorful take on the standard shooter formula.

Shooters are all too common these days. But what we’ve come to accept as the standard shooter formula isn’t something Nintendo wants to embrace. As they wish to maintain their family-friendly image, they needed to tap into the shooter craze without compromising their position. Hence, Splatoon.

A vibrant, entertaining twist on the typical shooter – which is usually dark, gritty, and ultra-violent – Splatoon offers a great option to those who want the shooting without the blood. There are lots of reviews out there, as you might expect, but we went with Cubed3 for our Honored Review. Critic Jorge Ba-oh offers an enthusiastic and informed analysis for those who want to learn more about Nintendo’s ambitious dive into the lucrative world of shooters.

There are multiple ways to approach this particular review, and Ba-oh has chosen a respectable path. It’s filled with both the history of Nintendo and the game’s intricate details, without forgetting to provide the reader with an accessible summary. It’s great for gamers of all types and preferences, and it reflects an appreciation for Nintendo’s gamble. Which, if you think about it, is precisely what Splatoon was.

Congrats, Jorge!

Colorful, messy, fun!

Colorful, messy, fun!

Why We Like It:

— It’s full of useful information concerning Nintendo’s history and how they put a twist on a standard formula that many claim is growing stale.

— There’s lots of detail without being boring, and a pleasant mix of objective and subjective points. In this way, the review flows rather well from start to finish.

— We always appreciate another level of enthusiasm and dedication. When it comes through in any review, as it did in this one, we have to applaud.

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