Submerged Gets a Poetic, Inspired Review from US Gamer

It's a sentimental, touching adventure that might be just what the doctor ordered.

It’s a sentimental, touching adventure that might be just what the doctor ordered.

We all enjoy our entertainment differently. And now that video games have more variety than ever before in the industry’s history (thanks in large part to the indie explosion), we have multiple, wildly diverse options. Some games really resonate with certain consumers while others simply miss the mark. For example, even though the exceedingly beautiful Journey won just about every conceivable award and is now a beloved classic, there are individuals who simply didn’t like it. And that’s just fine.

The latest subtle, atmospheric title on the market is Submerged, and it’s proving to be a polarizing effort. While the current Metacritic average is below 60, the review scores run the full gamut, from very low to very high. As most VGRHQ readers are aware, the actual score is irrelevant when it comes to selecting outstanding reviews. We just want excellence in writing and general game knowledge, with a desire to serve the community evident in the text. That’s exactly what we get in US Gamer‘s review. Critic Jazz Rignall pens a splendid evaluation, full of poetic references to the game and candid objectivity that plainly states, “it’s not for everyone.”

It beautifully fits the style and tone of the game and gives us reason to applaud. Rignall has been noticed here before; his first Honored Review was Helldivers.

Congrats, Jaz!

Why We Like It:

— When a game tries to be artistic and sentimental, we expect the critic to do the same with the review and that’s what we get here. Whether you like it or not, you should still “show” the reader the game in question, as opposed to merely telling.

— Despite enjoying the game, the critic acknowledges that it simply isn’t for everyone. He also doesn’t omit the drawbacks that some gamers may find irritating.

— The review tries to focus on the latent intent of the entertainment; it’s not just about the manifest intent. In other words, there’s more to this than simply pressing buttons.

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