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Critic Spotlight: Rely On Horror’s Casper Bronmans

We have a chat with Rely on Horror’s Casper Bronmans; topics include the affect of the job on our favorite hobby, and the current state of game criticism.

Critic Spotlight: Kill Screen’s David Wolinsky

We have a chat with journalist and critic David Wolinsky, and the discussion includes comparing old and new games, the difficulty of assigning scores, and more.

Meet Robert Kingett, Gaming’s Most Inspirational Critic

How does a seeing-impaired individual become a video game critic? By utilizing his other refined senses and a singular passion for the industry.

DualShockers Interview: A Critic’s Duty And Opinion vs. Objectivity

VGRHQ interviews DualShockers Euro News Editor Giuseppe Nelva; topics include the universal rating scale debate and whether critics are influenced by gifts.

EEDAR Interview: Game Scores Matter, and Always Will

VGRHQ interviews EEDAR Manager of Insights and Analysis Patrick Walker, and talk about the important role game reviews have in the industry.

Critic Spotlight: DarkZero’s Dominic Sheard

We chat with an accomplished critic who puts gameplay first, and has a lot of interesting insights into the current state of video game reviews.