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USGamer’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review Is A Sweeping Success

Role-playing lovers are anxiously scanning the ‘net for early reviews of the new Xenoblade Chronicles, and they shouldn’t miss USGamer’s take.

GamesRadar’s Call of Duty: World War II Review Is A Definite Bullseye

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Forbes’ Assassin’s Creed Origins Review Is One Slice Of Epic Goodness

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EGM’s Super Mario Odyssey Review Is A Bouncy, Colorful Tour de Force

Whenever a new Mario arrives, the world holds its breath…does it live up to the franchise’s legendary name? Well, just ask EGM.

IGN’s Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Review Is A Triumphant Victory

The new Middle-earth adventure has arrived and here’s one of the most informative and satisfying reviews you’ll find anywhere online.

Forbes’ Excellent NBA 2K18 Review Is A Total Slam Dunk

This year’s iteration of the long-running b-ball franchise has arrived and for one of the more impressive evaluations available, check out Forbes.

The Guardian Impresses With A Grade-A Destiny 2 Review

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PlayStation LifeStyle Produces A Smashing Knack 2 Review

The sequel to the oft-discussed PlayStation 4 launch title is here, and for one of the best analyses you’ll find online, head on over to PSLS.

Giant Bomb’s Fantastic Hellblade Review Is A Cut Above

The anticipated and highly dramatic interactive experience from Ninja Theory is finally here, and our favorite analysis of this psychological adventure can be found at Giant Bomb.

Miitopia Receives A Utopic Review From Nintendo Life

The Miis are back and this time they’re in a charming, relatively simple RPG on the Nintendo 3DS. For the best analysis of this new effort, we recommend Nintendo Life’s review.

GameSpot’s Top-Tier Splatoon 2 Review Is A Direct Hit

The sequel to one of the most popular and unique shooting games of the previous generation is finally here, and GameSpot has the one review you can’t miss.

Polygon Offers Up A Stellar Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Review

This long-awaited remake has finally arrived and if you’re wondering if it remains true to form while still giving fans a fresh reason to replay, check this out.

Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Snags An Insanely Great Review From Game Informer

The iconic PlayStation franchise is back in the form of a remastered trilogy and Game Informer explains why it’s a big win for fans of old-school platformers.

Critical Hit Drops A Killer Nex Machina: Death Machine Review

Want some finely honed nonstop action that’ll remind you of the good ol’ days…only with more pizazz? You gotta check out Nex Machina.

The Koalition Unleashes A Knockout Tekken 7 Review

The legendary fighting franchise has finally returned and after checking the initial wave of reviews, we’ve located the one that earns a hard-hitting victory.