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Push Square Produces a Great Lords of the Fallen Review

Lords of the Fallen is worth a look if you’re up for the dark, fantastical challenge. If you’re uncertain, check out Push Square’s tight review.

God is a Geek Pens a Top-Notch Borderlands Pre-Sequel Review

Familiarity isn’t a bad thing but if you’re not convinced, let God is a Geek explain in their excellent evaluation of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

The Guardian Deftly Analyzes The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a little uneven and somewhat underwhelming, but The Guardian explains why it’s still catnip for survival/horror purists.

GameSpot Offers a Chillingly Candid Take on Alien: Isolation

Avid fans of the franchise want the unvarnished truth and GameSpot’s Kevin VanOrd delivers that truth, while still remaining modestly encouraged.

IGN Drives Home a Stellar Driveclub Review

IGN explains why Driveclub is an ambitious, fun racer that just barely misses the elite label. This is an energetic, atmospheric review that we love!

GamesRadar’s Middle-earth Review Brings the Game to Life

If you want a comprehensive, atmospheric review that perfectly reflects the game’s sweeping scope, check out GameRadar’s great analysis.

Game Informer Pays Appropriate Homage to Wasteland 2

The IP has been on hiatus for a over a quarter-century; many don’t remember Wasteland. However, Game Informer explains why this is a worthy successor.

Polygon Takes a Personal, Dual Approach to a Destiny Review

There are bound to be lots of destiny reviews out there, so why not get two for the price of one? Polygon offers two very well-written and candid opinions.

GamesBeat’s The Sims 4 Review is a Virtual Masterpiece

It’s another installment of The Sims, but does it deliver exactly what the fans desire? Well, yes and no; here’s a great review that explains the highs and lows.

Digital Spy Pens the Definitive Velocity 2X Review

It’s a game that embraces old-school tenets and offers some modern-day flash, and for the best analysis of this blend, make sure to visit Digital Spy.

RPG Site Loves DanganRonpa 2, And We Love the Review

Here’s a sequel that delivers satisfies all expectations, as indicated by an excellent and informed analysis from RPG Site.

Arcade Sushi’s Madden NFL 15 Review is a Winner

If you’re looking for a deep, knowledgeable, entertaining review of the latest Madden entry, Arcade Sushi has you covered.

EGM’s Tales of Xillia 2 Review Hits All the Right Notes

The original title received widespread critical acclaim and if you’re wondering how the sequel fared, you need to check out EGM’s spectacular analysis.

Giant Bomb’s Diablo III Review the “Ultimate” Analysis

An updated version of Diablo III has arrived for next-gen consoles, and Giant Bomb does a great job explaining why the Ultimate Evil Edition is stellar.

Destructoid’s Hohokum Review A Great Assembly of Contrasts

It is possible to simultaneously love and hate a game, as evidenced by this well-crafted Destructoid review of the quirky PS4 title, Hohokum.