honored reviews

ZTGD’s Mousecraft Review: The Maze’s Reward

For our latest honored review, we select one that’s both in-depth and charismatic. After all, for a game like Mousecraft, you need to have a personality.

The Escapist Publishes an Admirable The Wolf Among Us Review

The Wolf Among Us has reached its end, and The Escapist’s Greg Tito does this fantastic series justice by producing a well-written, thoughtful analysis.

Guacamelee! Just Got Better, So Says Gaming Age’s Great Review

The updated Guacamelee! is now available on the PlayStation 4, and we selected Gaming Age’s passionate, informed analysis as our latest honored review.

Eurogamer’s Sniper Elite 3 Review is a Definite Bullseye

Eurogamer often provides the reading public with top-tier prose and exceedingly well-detailed reviews, and their analysis of Sniper Elite 3 is no exception.

USGamer Gives JRPG Lovers an Expert Rorona Plus Review

If you think this updated version of Atelier Rorona is just another publisher cash-grab, USGamer’s Pete Davison disabuses you of that notion.

God is a Geek’s Touching Review of Valiant Hearts

God is a Geek raves about the recently released Valiant Hearts, focusing on the game’s wonderful ability to bypass the horrors of war and focus on the genuine emotion.

VideoGamer’s Invasion DLC Review: Properly Succinct

When evaluating a piece of downloadable content, it’s important to be relatively brief while still hitting the highlights. VideoGamer does it right.

GamesBeat Delivers a Professional, Hard-Hitting UFC Review

The number of UFC fans continues to grow worldwide, but as the latest solid GamesBeat analysis says, the virtual iterations could use some improvement.

PC Gamer’s Tropico 5 Review Invites Us Into Paradise

Tropico 5 is a simulator in the sun and it’s designed to immerse you in paradise. We choose to honor a critic who lets us take his personal journey.

USGamer Produces A Spectacular Review Of Nioh

A head blend of Ninja Gaiden and Dark Souls, Team Ninja’s latest has captured the hearts of critics and gamers everywhere. And here’s our favorite analysis.

Eurogamer’s Candid Entwined Review: Journey, This is Not

Several critics have expressed their appreciation of PixelOpus’ new PS4 exclusive, but Eurogamer isn’t afraid to say that it lacks the requisite depth of feeling.

Hooked Gamer’s Posts a Splendid Analysis of The Fall

The Fall is one of those original, atmospheric games that demands a certain approach in the review. We found a great analysis over at Hooked Gamers.

Kill Screen’s Tomodachi Life Review: Correctly Philosophical

When analyzing a game designed to be a cozy little human simulator, the critic must embrace – and delve into – the “humanity” of the experience.

We Recognize EGM’s Top-Notch Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

If you’re looking for a stellar analysis of one of the year’s most original titles, look no further than EGM’s candid, well-written review.

WGTC’s Worms Battlegrounds Review Deserves Attention

Worms is closing in on its 20th anniversary and to celebrate, you might want to check out Worms Battlegrounds. WGTC says it’s worthwhile.