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GameSpot’s Watch Dogs Review Epitomizes “Epic”

If you’re looking for a review that appropriately matches the epic nature of Watch Dogs, look no further than Kevin VanOrd’s insightful analysis.

The Sly Trilogy Vita Receives Proper Respect From MMGN

This excellent compilation has landed on Sony’s portable, and MMGN appropriately captures the alluring essence of this HD collection.

If There’s One Watch Dogs Review to Read, It’s Machinima’s

The Watch Dogs reviews are flowing freely; dozens are already available, so which one should top your reading list? This one.

USGamer’s Drakengard 3 Review: Excellence in Mediocrity

The game isn’t very good, but a quality critic applies himself (or herself) equally to any analysis, as USGamer’s Kat Bailey does in her Drakengard 3 review.

Joystiq’s Richard Mitchell Issues a Top-Tier Transistor Review

When producing a review for an anticipated, uniquely stylized game like Transistor, you need to hit all the right chords. Joystiq does exactly that.

Mario Kart 8 Excellently Reviewed by The Independent

Ah, Mario Kart. The memories come thick and fast when you say that name, don’t they? And here’s a fantastic review of the latest iteration.

Game Informer Appropriately Salutes FFX/X-2 HD Remaster

There are lots of reviews for this HD compilation, but we chose one for effectively balancing knowledgeable details and obvious passion.

IGN’s Borderlands 2 Vita Review: Well-Written Disappointment

Does Borderlands 2 on the PlayStation Vita make Sony’s portable more appealing? IGN responds, “not really.”

GamesRadar’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review: Superhero Quality

These games often have problems, but in this great review from GamesRadar, the readers get the complete picture: Fun but flawed.

PSU’s MLB 14: The Show Review is a Round-Tripper

Baseball fans had to wait for the definitive version of MLB 14: The Show. But now it’s here, and PSU delivers an excellent, well-balanced review.

Destructoid’s Honest Bound by Flame Review Focuses On Fun

Sometimes, a critic has more fun with a game and despite the lingering flaws, is unashamed to have enjoyed himself (or in this case, herself). Good show!

Here’s an Exceptional Review for GoW: Collection on Vita

If you’re looking for a top-tier analysis of the God of War Collection for the Vita, check out this one from Hardcore Gamer’s Matt Whittaker. Well done!

Reaper of Souls Receives a Top-Tier Review From games(TM)

Is Diablo III: Reaper of Souls worthy of your attention? Read one of the better reviews of the latest hack ‘n slash effort and find out for yourself.

PushSquare Slams Daylight, But in a Professional Manner

VGRHQ doesn’t always select glowing reviews for consideration; it can be just as difficult – if not more so – to pen a review for a poor product.

Lazygamer’s Child of Light Review: Reflecting Elegance

VGRHQ selects the one Child of Light review that really hits home and embraces that which makes the game so appealing. The read is similar to the gameplay experience!