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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Time Review is a Perfect Bulls-Eye

This year’s obligatory Call of Duty offering is here and for a beautifully written and nicely presented review, we suggest checking out Time’s complete analysis.

The Jimquisition Delivers a Top-Quality Titanfall 2 Review

The much-anticipated sequel has arrived and for an excellent review that’ll get you all amped up, we recommend you check out our favorite analysis, courtesy of Jim Sterling.

Arcade Sushi Pins Down an Excellent WWE 2K17 Review

The WWE has proclaimed a “new era” in wrestling but is that reflected in 2K’s latest game installment? Fans would be well advised to visit Arcade Sushi for the answer.

IGN Throws Down an Awesome Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review

Dragon Ball Z fans want to know if the anticipated sequel is another step in the right direction, and for the best possible answer, we direct you toward IGN.

The Telegraph Pens a Bombastic Review of Battlefield 1

It’s one of the hottest games on the planet right now but does the latest Battlefield hit the bull’s-eye? Check The Telegraph for the best possible answer.

World of Final Fantasy’s Best Review Can Be Found at GamesBeat

World of FInal Fantasy has arrived and if you’re wondering whether it can attract both new and old fans, you should read the comprehensive review at GamesBeat.

Gears of War 4 Earns a Kick-Ass Review From Digital Spy

Gear is back and if you have some reservations about how a new developer handled an installment in this revered franchise, you gotta check out Digital Spy’s review.

Mafia III Gets a Primo Review From EGM

The latest and perhaps most anticipated Mafia entry has arrived and for the best game analysis yet, we suggest turning to EGM for a top-tier review.

PlayStation VR Words Gets a Great Summary From NZGamer

It’s a collection of VR experiences designed to help introduce you to the interactive world of virtual reality, but NZGamer explains why it falls a little shy.

Destructoid’s RIGS Review is an Immersive Gem

The VR game reviews are starting to roll in and one of our favorites can be found at Destructoid. If you’re a new PlayStation VR owner, you’re doing your homework, right?

GamesRadar Constructs a Rock Solid Dragon Quest Builders Review

Dragon Quest Builders should appeal to all you ultra-creative creators out there but if you’re not convinced, we suggest you check out our favorite review at GamesRadar.

Shacknews Paints a Stellar Paper Mario: Color Splash Review

Paper Mario is back but does it live up to fan expectations? For the definitive answer, visit Shacknews and check out a well-written, well-structured review.

Hardcore Gamer’s The Metronomicon Review Makes Us Dance a Jig

Those looking to sample a unique experience that combines classic role-playing elements with rhythm-based gameplay should check out The Metronomicon, so says Hardcore Gamer.

Polygon’s Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse Review is Exemplary

The revered Shin Megami Tensei franchise has returned and if you’re an avid role-playing fan, you crave a top-tier review. Well, you can find it at Polygon.

IGN Throws Down a Slam Dunk of an NBA 2K17 Review

Another year, another NBA 2K offering. But this one offers a series of enhancements and additions that basketball fans will appreciate, so says IGN.