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Giant Bomb’s Street Fighter V Review KOs Competition

It’s one of the most anticipated fighters in history and for a candid, knowledgeable and ultimately accessible review, you gotta check out Giant Bomb.

PC Gamer’s XCOM 2 Review is Too Good to Ignore

The iconic IP has returned and most critics just can’t say enough good things about it. Our favorite review combines great writing chops with industry expertise.

Pure Xbox’s Fortified Review Makes Our Day

Fortified is the new off-the-wall indie game that involves lots of color and aliens, and for one of the better reviews we turn you toward Pure Xbox.

EGM’s The Witness Review Reminds Us that Criticism is a Skill

Here’s one excellent review that reminds us why criticism is an art form and why it can often be a tricky practice. The Witness deserves such attention!

Push Square’s Resident Evil Zero HD Review Worthy of Praise

The horror classic has been revisited and polished and if you’re wondering about the results, you should check out this well-appointed analysis.

Arcade Sushi Rocks a Slick Amplitude Review

The music/rhythm classic is back and for a concise and reliable review of this admittedly one-dimensional reboot, we turn to Arcade Sushi.

Destructoid Produces a Stellar Yakuza 5 Review

The latest Yakuza entry has finally arrived in North America and for one of the best and most informative reviews available, check out Destructoid.

The Escapist Pens an Explosively Fun Just Cause 3 Review

If you’re looking for a wildly entertaining yet still appropriately informative review of the latest Just Cause, you should definitely check out The Escapist.

Twinfinite’s Fallout 4 Review Excels on All Counts

Fallout 4 is getting plenty of great reviews but our favorite is one that blends the atmospheric with the objective in a practical, entertaining way.

RPG Fan Delivers a Top-Notch Disgaea 5 Review

If you’re looking for the definitive review of a truly massive SRPG, check out RPG Fan’s compelling analysis of the latest in-depth Disgaea offering.

Digital Spy’s Rock Band 4 Review Earns Our Applause

Rock Band has returned with verve and gusto and as this excellent review from Digital Spy proves, it’s a triumphant return for music aficionados.

SOMA Receives a Tantalizing Review from VideoGamer

SOMA is the game that will deliver chills aplenty and if you’re interested in how it instills fear and tension, check out VideoGamer’s impressive review.

Hardcore Gamer Writes Up an Excellent NHL 16 Review

NHL 16 is a big improvement over last year’s entry, so says this fantastic and nicely detailed review by Hardcore Gamer.

USGamer’s Review of Super Mario Maker Wii U Is a Joy to Read

Super Mario Maker Wii U lets you take control, which lets us all embark on a creative nostalgia trip. For an ideal review, check out USGamer.

We’re Mad About Polygon’s Great Mad Max Review

The open-world adventure that focuses on over-the-top action and car combat receives a stellar review from one of the industry’s best sources.