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GamesBeat’s The Witcher 3 Review Captures the Game’s Feel

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a massive production and we choose a review that opts to embrace the developer’s atmospheric approach.

IGN’s Project CARS Review Takes the Checkered Flag

Project CARS has finally arrived and we’re starting to see some great reviews. For the best one yet, check out IGN, where you’ll find a complete and enjoyable evaluation.

Digital Trends’ Mortal Kombat X Review is a Smash

Mortal Kombat X is bound to be one of the most controversial titles of 2015. For one of the best analyses of this visceral game, visit Digital Trends.

Push Square’s Bastion Review is Worthy of Recognition

If you want to read one of the better reviews for an indie smash hit, check out Push Square’s excellent, colorful analysis of Bastion. It’s a definite winner.

PSU Offers Up a Stellar Axiom Verge Review

If you remember the good ol’ days with a particular fondness, Axiom Verge might be for you. And for a top-notch evaluation, visit PSU.

GameSpot Captures the Very Essence of Bloodborne

There are lots of great Bloodborne reviews out there but our favorite can be found at GameSpot, where critic Kevin VanOrd pens a spectacular analysis.

GamesRadar’s Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review is Exemplary

For one of the more passionate and detailed reviews of the newly released Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, we refer you to GamesRadar+.

EGM’s Battlefield: Hardline Review Hits the Sweet Spot

It’s another controversial title and we turn to a respected source. If you’re wondering about Battlefield: Hardline, here’s the review to read.

USGamer’s Helldivers Review Anything But Hellish

If you ask USGamer, the new twin-stick shooter with a surprising amount of depth is well worth your attention. Co-op goodness!

For a Great Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review, Visit Nintendo Insider

Western gamers might finally flock to the vaunted Japanese-centric franchise, provided Capcom keeps producing gems like this.

PSU’s The Order: 1886 Review is Objective, Enjoyable

After much deliberation, we’ve selected PSU’s The Order: 1886 review for a variety of simple reasons. First and foremost, it’s what a review should be.

IGN Delivers a Passionate, Top-Tier Evolve Review

If you’re looking for a great review of the recently released Evolve that tackles all the critical points with aplomb, check out IGN’s evaluation.

Arcade Sushi’s Life is Strange Review: A Deep, Welcome Analysis

When you tackle a dramatic, even poetic game, you need to approach the review in the same fashion. That’s why this review is a welcome analysis.

Metro’s Grim Fandango Remastered Review: Honest Homage

It’s one of those beloved classics that definitely deserved a remaster. But Metro addresses the important question: Does it stand the test of time?

Digital Trends Pens a Fitting Resident Evil HD Remaster Review

The original classic has been reborn and for a review that mixes the poetic with the technical, check out Digital Trend’s excellent analysis.