honored sources

Honored Source: Polygon is the Times of Gaming

The gaming industry is in dire need of publications that offer professionalism in spades. Polygon is a high watermark for game journalism.

Love to be Scared? Then You’ll Love Rely On Horror’s Passion

If you’re a horror buff and a gamer, there’s one site that should remain bookmarked. Rely On Horror has faithfully served fright lovers, and the fans should be appreciative.

OnlySP Remains Faithful and Committed to the Campaign

Multiplayer has exploded in recent years, but there’s one site out there that prefers to remain focused on the “old-fashioned” single-player.

Honored Source: Nintendo Life Respects the Iconic Brand

There are plenty of Nintendo fan sites out there but over the past eight years, one of our favorites has continued to impress us.

Honored Source: So Many PlayStation Fans Call PSU Home

Our latest Honored Source is a site that gives PlayStation owners everything they need, every day. PSU has been a Sony-lovers haven for years and they deserve recognition!

Honored Source: PSLS Gives PS Lovers What They Crave

PlayStation LifeStyle has been providing fans of the brand with excellent, reliable coverage for a very long time, and that’s worthy of praise.

Honored Source: MMORPG.com Serves Its Readers Well

We choose one Honored Source based on the strength of its content and community. MMORPG.com always gives the fans what they want!

Honored Source: RPGFan Is a Role-Player’s Paradise

VGRHQ selects RPGFan as an official Honored Source, as role-playing fans have been turning to these guys for years.