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Dear Gamers: Stop Whining About Microtransactions…They’re YOUR Fault

Amid the endless hatred and vitriol for microtransactions and “pay-to-win” schemes, gamers are forgetting the most important fact of all…

20 Years From Now, Will You Regret The Time You Spent Playing Games?

We all have our hobbies but will gamers look back years from now and regret the time they’ve spent? Or will their reflection be positive?

Open-World Sandbox Devs: Fewer Side Dishes, More Meat, Please

The open-world sandbox adventure is becoming the norm these days, but the bigger the games get, the more we see superfluous content. “More” doesn’t always mean “better.”

Dear Developers: Somebody Please, For The Love Of God, Make A AAA Arcade Sports Game!

Every last big-budget sports or racing game in existence today is a simulator or at best a quasi-simulator. The days of arcade insanity are over in this genre…WHY?

Does It Make Sense For A 10-Hour Game To Cost The Same As A 100-Hour Game?

The debate rages: Should a “long” game have the same price of admission as a “short” game? Well, the nature of entertainment makes this difficult to answer…

Gamers Over 35: Have Video Games Improved Or Hindered Your Life?

There are pros and cons for any hobby and as we reflect on many years of indulging in the same hobby, those pros and cons are easier to spot. So, looking back, have games helped…or hindered?

Aging Gamers: Are You Still Psyched About New Stuff, Or Are You Stuck In The Past?

Those who have been playing video games for a long time may flinch at this question. The truth can be difficult to face but hell, aging is difficult to begin with, so let’s tackle it.

Nintendo Switch Launch Lineup Is Predictable And Woefully Lacking

The launch lineup for Nintendo’s new console has been revealed and frankly, it’s just one giant kick in the face. FOUR games at launch? Seriously?!

When The Console War Dies, A Big Piece Of Videogames Will Die With It

Everyone disparages the ongoing console wars but in all honesty, if this gigantic aspect of the industry goes the way of the dodo, the entire landscape will change. And maybe not for the better.

Why The Last Guardian Proves Japanese Devs Are Still Behind

It’s a beautiful game – it really is – with a ton of appeal and a boatload of ingenuity. So why does is it also proof of a continued lagging on the part of Japanese game developers?

Why I’d Rather Set My Hair On Fire Than Play Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has arrived and has earned decent critical acclaim. But here’s one long-time fan who won’t touch Square Enix’s latest with a ten-foot cattle prod.

3 Things This Gamer is Thankful We’ve Left Back in the “Good Ol’ Days”

The rose-colored glasses of nostalgia come off for a few minutes as we reflect on all the progress this industry has made in the last three decades. Be thankful!

Is it Time for Developers to Rethink their Trophy Strategy?

Trophies and Achievements are now a customary part of the gaming landscape but in the eyes of many, they’ve sort of lost their appeal. What can developers do?

Why Donald Trump is the Perfect President for Retro Gamers

Donald J. Trump is the country’s new president and frankly, for many of those who grew up in the ’80s, it feels a lot like turning back the clock…with a dose of crazy.

Does Battlefield 1’s Campaign Prove Single-Player in FPSs is Still Relevant?

The single-player FPS experience has certainly waned over the years, but does the very solid Battlefield 1 campaign prove the concept still works?