staff editorial

Opinion: Sunset Overdrive Better Earn Big Review Scores

If Sunset Overdrive is to generate a sales spike for the Xbox One, it’s going to have to generate high review scores. The question is, will Insomniac Games deliver?

Critic Quote: “I Hold Nintendo Games to a Lower Standard”

It may sound like a terrible, unprofessional thing to say, but wait until you hear the explanation behind the quote…

Editorial: Is Naughty Dog the Game Critic’s Darling?

Many have accused critics of “being in bed with Naughty Dog;” i.e., being extra lenient when reviewing their games. Is this true?

Do Console Wars Affect Review Scores? Yes and No

The VGRHQ crew speaks candidly about how console wars and online arguments might affect review scores.

Why Do Gamers Continue to Whine About Metacritic?

We explain why complaints about sites like Metacritic and GameRankings don’t make much sense at all.

Staff Editorial: Yes, Of Course Publishers “Bribe” Critics

Many gamers believe the promotional material critics receive from publishers constitutes a bribe. But let’s be clear.