staff editorial

Why the Switch Might be the First Nintendo System I’ve Owned Since the SNES

Nintendo hasn’t managed to appeal to me for decades but perhaps the time is right to revisit this iconic games manufacturer. There are only one or two caveats…

Dear Developers: When the Credits Roll, I’m DONE Playing

When the game is over, it’s over. Believe it or not, there are still people who just aren’t interested in DLC, New Game+ options, microtransactions, etc.

How Exactly Should Critics Review VR Games?

There’s just no denying that VR offers an entirely different interactive experience, which in turn means game critics are going to have to alter their approach. But how?

Don’t Be Fooled: VR Won’t Kill Off Traditional Gaming

They say it’s “the future of gaming” and perhaps it is. But there’s no chance VR will fully and completely replace traditional play, so don’t get all worked up.

Is Anyone Else Worried The Last Guardian Will Fail Miserably?

It’s one of the most anticipated games of the entire generation but given its history, one wonders if it will be the successful masterpiece we all hope it’ll be.

Is the Written Review Doomed?

With video and other forms of visual media dominating the internet, it seems fewer and fewer people are actually reading. Can the written review survive?

It’s Harder Than Ever for Big-Budget AAA Games to Pull Down 9s

These days, you have a better chance of nailing 9+ review scores if you’re a smaller/independently produced game. The big-budget titles aren’t faring as well.

PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio Are Jumping the Gun, Aren’t They?

Both manufacturers have unveiled their upgraded systems designed for “hardcore” gamers. But what are we really getting with both consoles when they first launch?

Why VR’s Health Implications Scare the Sh** Out Of Me

Has anyone considered the possibility that this fancy new virtual reality could potentially have devastating side effects? Or are we once again over-enamored with new tech?

Why Free-to-Play Should Make You Feel Like a Manipulated Bitch

Can’t you figure out when you’re being used and manipulated? And when you realize it, don’t you feel like a little bitch? It’s just plain embarrassing.

Can Retro Gaming Really Attract a Younger Audience?

Obviously, the retro craze was brought about by aging gamers who miss the golden age of the industry. But can old-school experiences attract younger players?

Will Only Gamers Over a Certain Age Play I Am Setsuna?

Let’s face it, to most gamers under the age of 30, this game looks comically outdated and “kiddie.” …or will newcomers actually be intrigued?

Will Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Neo Drive You to PC Gaming?

With the much more powerful Xbox Scorpio set for 2017 and Sony’s PlayStation 4 Neo looming somewhere on the horizon, are more gamers now considering PC?

Sadly, I May Have Outgrown the Likes of Doom

There was a time when I had a soft spot for raucous, admittedly mindless action. But as time has passed, I find I might have outgrown the Doom mentality.

Will You Get PS4 “Neo” Even If You Have Zero Interest in VR?

It seems obvious that a big reason a new PlayStation 4 exists is because of virtual reality. But if you’ve got no interest in VR, do you still want PS4K?