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Exclusive: Critics Admit to Lowering Scores for Attention

Several of our critics are perfectly willing to admit: There’s a nasty little secret circulating among the review community, and we’re exposing it.

What Has Happened to Sony’s First-Party Exclusives?

They’ve always been the brand’s bread-and-butter but ever since their latest console released, the exclusive have fallen shy of expectations.

If The Order Is Deemed “Short,” Should Review Scores Suffer?

Rumor has it that The Order: 1886 is a relatively short game. Should this have a profoundly negative impact on review scores?

Bloodborne vs. The Order: 1886: Which Nets Higher Scores?

Two important titles for the PS4 are on the horizon, but which one will capture the hearts of critics? Which will be in line for end-of-year awards?

Without Review Scores, Gaming Industry Will Suffer

One major source has dropped review scores and the prevailing notion is that this is what our industry needs. This isn’t true.

Does the Video Game Industry Have the Worst Critics?

Other entertainment venues have their all-star critics but the gaming industry really doesn’t. Is it because our critics are simply nowhere near as good?

Industry’s Goal in 2015 Should be Performance, Not Graphics

With numerous examples of games performing poorly out of the gate in 2014, gamers should be more interested in stable, solid products in 2015.

Game of the Year: Is it Important For the Industry?

Game of the Year is the most coveted award in the industry today but is it important? Or is it just an award that only a few people care about?

Console War: Does Anything Matter More Than Price?

Xbox One won November and could win December but is it entirely because of the temporary price drop? Or are other factors at play?

PlayStation Experience Wasn’t Much Of An Experience

The much-vaunted PlayStation Experience didn’t really yield a ton of surprise and enthusiasm. Did Sony miss a great opportunity?

Should Critics Re-Review Assassin’s Creed Unity?

Now that Ubisoft has issued multiple patches that fixed many of the glaring issues in Assassin’s Creed Unity, should critics offer a second analysis?

Unity Fiasco: Has Ubisoft’s Reputation Suffered a Big Hit?

Assassin’s Creed Unity shipped with a slew of technical problems and although Ubisoft has rushed to fix them, gamers don’t forget easily.

The Race is Over: Dragon Age: Inquisition is GotY 2014

Given the outpouring of praise from critics, Dragon Age: Inquisition appears to be a lock for the year’s top honors.

Advanced Warfare Scores: Biggest Surprise of 2014?

With a new developer, a declining franchise, and sky-high expectations in a new generation, are these Call of Duty review scores shocking?

The Unlikely Game of the Year Candidates Thus Far

At the start of 2014, if you had to guess which titles would be Game of the Year candidates, you would’ve been very surprised at the outcome.