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Destiny vs. Advanced Warfare: Which Sells More in 2014?

Both games have tremendous sales potential, but they’re in very different situations. Which one will ultimately end up with the 2014 sales crown?

PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Fanboys: Which Annoy You Most?

The “fanboy” is an irritating entity in and of itself, but which of the three groups of followers is the most annoying? Which could you really do without?

PS4 Sold 10 Million Thanks to Hype, Not Performance

Sony wonders why it sold 10 million PlayStation 4 units worldwide. It’s clear to us: That amount was sold due to positive word-of-mouth, plain and simple.

Okay, Xbox Got Tomb Raider; What Can PlayStation Go Get?

Now that Microsoft has secured timed exclusivity for the new Tomb Raider, one wonders: If Sony was so inclined, which franchise should THEY grab?

Rise of the Tomb Raider vs. Uncharted 4: Xbox vs. PlayStation?

Now that Microsoft has purchased the next Tomb Raider, it seems like we have an epic 2015 clash on our hands, and it’s more PlayStation vs. Xbox.

PS4 on Track to Double PS3’s First Year Sales

The PlayStation 4 is off to a much better start than its predecessor, while the competition likely won’t enjoy the same drastic rise in performance.

Quote Debate: “I Think Some Gamers are Ticking Time Bombs”

In our travels, we come across all sorts of bias and stereotypes stemming from ignorance and, in some cases, fear. Is this quote even remotely valid?

PS4 vs. Xbox One: The Console War That Saved the Industry

Akin to Mark McGwire vs. Sammy Sosa in ’98 (although without the taint), the new console war has managed to rejuvenate interest in a flagging industry.

Top Two Metacritic Games in 2014 Will Be 2013 Titles

It’s almost a guarantee at this point: The top two – possibly three – best games in 2014, according to Metacritic, will be games we’ve already seen before.

How Do You Compare Destiny and TLoU: Remastered?

How does one compare an updated version of a 2013 game to what many consider a “true” next-generation effort? That’s a very difficult task for any critic…

The Last Of Us: Remastered is the Best-Rated Game of 2014

Perhaps it isn’t surprising, but the upgraded version of last year’s multi-multi-award winner The Last Of Us currently has the highest Metascore of 2014.

Destiny Has the Best Chance of Earning Multiple Perfect 10s

Given the current release schedule for 2014 and the ongoing trends in the video game reviewing world, it seems clear that Destiny is destined for perfection.

“I Don’t Need Critics to Tell Me What I Should Like”

We’ve all heard this statement many times before, but it’s spoken by those who don’t understand the proper role of a critic.

TLoU: Remastered Has Received Far More Hype Than it Deserves

When an updated version of a last-gen game gets this much attention, you know something is amiss. The insane hype for this game isn’t really merited.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Never Want To Be a Game Critic

For some reason, the gaming public has this seriously skewed view of video game critics. It’s hardly glamorous and really, there’s no reason to be jealous.