staff editorial

Be Brutally Honest: Why Don’t You Trust Critics?

There are plenty of dedicated gamers out there who simply don’t trust critics. But what is the reasoning behind their distrust?

Sad Fact #317: Yes, User Reviews Typically Suck

Many will say they “only trust user reviews” but based on the quality of said reviews, that may be the most ludicrous statement ever uttered by a consumer.

Editorial: Do Delays Cause Review Scores to Suffer?

When an anticipated game gets delayed, does that have a marked effect on the review scores? Or is there really no correlation?

Critics Unfairly Chastise Watch Dogs for Being “Repetitive?”

One of the most common complaints from critics is the “repetition” of Watch Dogs, but why single out this open-world game?

Friendly PSA: Be Wary of “World Exclusive” Reviews

Nailing down a world exclusive review for a super high-profile title is a big deal for any publication. Hence, be wary…

Could Conan Become the Ebert of Video Game Reviews?

Conan O’Brien claims to be a “clueless gamer” and his commentary is always entertaining, but this celebrity critic has potential…

The Review Score Watch Dogs Needs to Live Up to The Hype

After an extended period of anticipation, this game has the weight of the world upon its shoulders. What score does it need to meet those expectations?

Why are Review Scores So Important? ‘Cuz Nobody Reads

We sit down and discuss why review scores have become so critical in the industry. A big reason is simply because people don’t actually want to read an entire review.

We Strive for Legitimacy, But “Gamer Girls” Hamstrings Us

While some of us work hard to establish the gaming industry as a legitimate, mature form of entertainment, trash like “Gamer Girls” sets us back years.

Opinion: Sunset Overdrive Better Earn Big Review Scores

If Sunset Overdrive is to generate a sales spike for the Xbox One, it’s going to have to generate high review scores. The question is, will Insomniac Games deliver?

Critic Quote: “I Hold Nintendo Games to a Lower Standard”

It may sound like a terrible, unprofessional thing to say, but wait until you hear the explanation behind the quote…

Editorial: Is Naughty Dog the Game Critic’s Darling?

Many have accused critics of “being in bed with Naughty Dog;” i.e., being extra lenient when reviewing their games. Is this true?

Do Console Wars Affect Review Scores? Yes and No

The VGRHQ crew speaks candidly about how console wars and online arguments might affect review scores.

Why Do Gamers Continue to Whine About Metacritic?

We explain why complaints about sites like Metacritic and GameRankings don’t make much sense at all.

Staff Editorial: Yes, Of Course Publishers “Bribe” Critics

Many gamers believe the promotional material critics receive from publishers constitutes a bribe. But let’s be clear.