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How Do You Compare Destiny and TLoU: Remastered?

How does one compare an updated version of a 2013 game to what many consider a “true” next-generation effort? That’s a very difficult task for any critic…

“I Don’t Need Critics to Tell Me What I Should Like”

We’ve all heard this statement many times before, but it’s spoken by those who don’t understand the proper role of a critic.

TLoU: Remastered Has Received Far More Hype Than it Deserves

When an updated version of a last-gen game gets this much attention, you know something is amiss. The insane hype for this game isn’t really merited.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Never Want To Be a Game Critic

For some reason, the gaming public has this seriously skewed view of video game critics. It’s hardly glamorous and really, there’s no reason to be jealous.

Games Like Destiny Should be Reviewed Multiple Times

When a game has a proposed 10-year lifespan and functions very much like an “MMOFPS,” the analysis shouldn’t end with launch-day reviews.

Does “Kiddie” Mario Deserve to Outscore the GTA Games?

If you look at the highest rated video games of all time, two franchises dominate the list, and one just barely ekes out a statistical victory based on review scores.

“The Game Got a 7? LOL, It Must Suck”

Are expectations typically too high, or is the seriously broken 10-point scale to blame? Logically and mathematically, it makes no sense to say a 7 score “sucks.”

Uncharted 4 is a Lock For Game of the Year 2015

All you have to do is examine the history of the franchise and the review scores these games typically pull down, and you’ll discover the obvious.

How Can The Last Of Us: Remastered Not Get a Perfect 10?

Considering how well the original game scored, is it logical to assume that given all the improvements and extra content, the Remastered edition is worthy of a 10?

“Game Critics Aren’t Professionals, They Just Pretend To Be”

The mainstream press continues to dismiss gaming journalists as individuals who are merely “playing” at being professionals. It’s discouraging.

Wow, 2014 Sucks: Rayman Legends is the Best We’ve Seen?

Not that there’s anything wrong with Rayman Legends. But considering the big titles that have already come down the pike, it’s a disappointing year.

Based on Reviews, is Watch Dogs the Biggest Flop of 2014?

The hype was huge and while some critics said Watch Dogs delivered the goods, the overall average isn’t indicative of a AAA, Game of the Year-level production.

Critic Opinion: Saying “Graphics Don’t Matter” is Idiotic

The idea that graphics “don’t matter” seems to be popular, but any critic who ignores the visual element in video games simply isn’t doing his or her job.

Newsflash: Forcing Ubisoft to Use Females is Sexism

People seem to think that sexism is about furthering the cause of women but in fact, that’s not the definition of sexism. We need to get this right.

Critics Refusing to Review Free-To-Play Games?

We’ve been hearing rumblings in the critic world that some publications are quietly passing on reviewing free-to-play games. Know why?