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“Real Gamers Don’t Read Reviews”

Here’s an overheard quote that is the topic of the day: Is it mere egotism and a massive superiority complex that generates the quote, or is it legitimate?

Did Any E3 Game Appear Capable of Landing the Elusive “10?”

A lot of hugely promising games have been on display at E3, but do any of them have a shot at earning perfect scores? That ever-elusive 10 is tough.

Should Critics Waste Their Time With Updated Games?

With all these updates of old games in the news, we wonder if critics should be wasting their time reviewing games they already evaluated a year ago.

Debate: Are Critics Biased Toward a Certain Genre?

In looking at review scores, one could make the argument that critics have always been biased toward – or against – certain genres.

Editorial: What to Do About the Broken 10-Point Scale

While the 10-point scale is still the most commonly used method of rating video games, many say the system is – to some extent – broken.

Time to Predict the Review Scores: Murdered: Soul Suspect

We’ve kicked off our “Time to Predict the Review Score” part of our content, and this week’s release is on tap for discussion. How will Murdered: Soul Suspect fare?

Be Brutally Honest: Why Don’t You Trust Critics?

There are plenty of dedicated gamers out there who simply don’t trust critics. But what is the reasoning behind their distrust?

Sad Fact #317: Yes, User Reviews Typically Suck

Many will say they “only trust user reviews” but based on the quality of said reviews, that may be the most ludicrous statement ever uttered by a consumer.

Critics Unfairly Chastise Watch Dogs for Being “Repetitive?”

One of the most common complaints from critics is the “repetition” of Watch Dogs, but why single out this open-world game?

Debate: How Do Games Like Journey Outscore Watch Dogs?

The ongoing debate: Should we be using the same review standards when reviewing all video games, from tiny-budget indies to big-budget AAAs?

Could Conan Become the Ebert of Video Game Reviews?

Conan O’Brien claims to be a “clueless gamer” and his commentary is always entertaining, but this celebrity critic has potential…

The FPS: Falling out of Favor With the Critics

Shooters tend to be extremely popular, but do they really go over well with critics? Well, yes and no…military shooters are in the doghouse.

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Top 20 Review Score Analysis

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been available for nearly six months now, so which system is bringing down more critical acclaim thus far?

Angry Joe: The Critic We Love to Hate…Or Hate to Love?

Angry Joe has generated quite the following and VGRHQ sits down to discuss why. What makes this guy so appealing to so many?

Jim Sterling: The Best/Worst Thing to Happen to Video Games?

We examine the rise of one of the industry’s most popular and controversial critics, and ask the question: Good or Bad for the industry?