The Telegraph’s For Honor Review Makes Us Stand Up And Cheer

We simply don’t have enough video games that feature medieval settings. Nobody really knows why. Perhaps it’s because the roots of the industry are firmly entrenched in the Land of the Rising Sun, so medieval Europe – with its knights and castles and all that – wasn’t as well represented.

But the emergence of Western domination and various popular franchises like Dark Souls has allowed us to visit a wider variety of fictional backdrops, which is part of the reason why the newly released For Honor is so compelling. Here, not only will you encounter a classic medieval atmosphere, but you will also run around with Knights, Vikings and Samurai. See, a little Japanese flair found its way in…

And our favorite review can be found at The Telegraph. Critic Tom Hoggins delivers a tight, informative, and ultimately engaging analysis that vividly portrays Ubisoft’s brutal new world. Combining an excellent structure and flow with plenty of helpful information and insight, the review runs along beautifully. The reader is interested after reading the first few sentences (an absolute must) and at no point is s/he bogged down by boring intricacies or technicalities.

At the same time, we receive a fully in-depth evaluation that answers all our questions while still remaining entertaining throughout. Great job! Tom is a multiple honoree here at VGRHQ; he was first recognized for his stellar Forza Horizon 3 review.

Why We Like It:

First offers an engaging bird’s-eye view of the experience, and then slowly works more detail into the analysis. This hooks the reader while ultimately delivering the information goods.

— Without skewing off on tangents or subjective rants, the review still incorporates personal thoughts and opinions into the objective analysis, making for a more personal yet still detailed and professional evaluation.

Properly explains the premise and style of the game, telling readers exactly what to expect. This is even more essential, as the reader has to know about the multiplayer-centric nature of the gameplay.

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2 thoughts on “The Telegraph’s For Honor Review Makes Us Stand Up And Cheer”

The problem I have with this game is that it doesn’t have much of a story. It feels too much like Dynasty Warriors that way, I think.

It’s clearly designed with multiplayer in mind, which is why I’m not interested.

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