The Daily Dot Drops A Shockingly Great Resident Evil 7 Review

Resident Evil is an iconic name in the world of video games. Some of the more enthusiastic might even use terms like “legendary” or “revolutionary” because in fact, Capcom’s long-running IP is indeed a pioneer in the survival/horror genre, and has delivered the jump-worthy scares for decades now. There’s just no denying what this particular series has done for interactive entertainment…doesn’t everyone, whether they’re a horror fan or not, remember the dogs leaping through the window…?

However, most will agree the franchise fell on hard times recently, as Capcom fired and missed several times. Ill-advised titles like Operation Raccoon City left fans stunned and disappointed, while even better efforts like Resident Evil 6 still made it plain: The once-amazing IP was suffering from a serious identity crisis. The increased action was designed to cater to a wider audience but it left the core fan-base dismayed and finally, at long last, it appears Capcom has figured out that they should never have left their roots behind.

Just see how Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has turned out. The critics really seem to love it, and our favorite review can be found at The Daily Dot. Critic Miguel Concepcion pens a chillingly fantastic evaluation that drags the reader into the compelling hell that is RE7. We learn of a decidedly creepy story that’ll drive our adventure forward, and we see how the developer’s seemingly sacrilegious choice of adopting the popular first-person view works out. The presentation of this review is top-notch as well, as much like the game itself, it’s a nicely layered experience that keeps us reading, and keeps us entertained.

Concepcion is now a multiple honoree here at VGRHQ; he was first noticed for his excellent Dark Souls III review.  So, congrats again, Miguel!

Why We Like It:

— Rather than letting history or the ongoing fan battle dominate the evaluation, this critic correctly opts to focus on the game itself, only alluding to the outside factors for the sake of relevancy. Yes, the GAME is what matters!

Very well written and structured, giving the reader a reason to keep reading throughout. Too many reviews don’t seem to care about things like flow and “hooking the reader;” this one clearly does.

— Goes the extra mile by embracing the horror atmosphere and letting that shine through in the text. And the combination of objective and subjective analysis makes for a very complete analysis.

Read Miguel Concepcion’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review Now

4 thoughts on “The Daily Dot Drops A Shockingly Great Resident Evil 7 Review”

Resident Evil in first-person just seems…wrong somehow.

But I’m glad it’s getting good reviews; seems like FOREVER since we’ve seen an RE title get really high review scores. 😀

If I can squeeze it in, I’ll try it. I’m still not sold on the first-person idea but it’s great that Capcom FINALLY realized they needed to bring RE back to its roots.

Square Enix should figure it out for Final Fantasy but sadly, they never will.

It’s about damn time, Capcom! 😀

Great review!

I haven’t played a really good survival/horror game in a while. Well, not a AAA one, anyway; there are some pretty nifty ones on the indie scene.

But it’s nice to see RE back to form. 🙂

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