The Daily Dot’s I Am Setsuna Review is Spot-On

It's traditional in every sense of the word, which is precisely what old-school RPG fanatics want.

It’s traditional in every sense of the word, which is precisely what old-school RPG fanatics want.

Role-playing games have changed dramatically over the years and while many of the changes have been for the better, fans of the old-school format have missed the traditional structure. They remember the world maps, in-depth and unique character and progression systems, turn-based combat, etc. And while some retro RPGs in recent years have aspired to the true classic formula, few – if any – have captured it completely.

Enter I Am Setsuna, a JRPG that is almost exactly like those traditional turn-based experiences of old. And for an excellent review, we urge you to visit The Daily Dot, where critic Colette Bennett pens an analysis that is both informative and entertaining. The critic is well aware of the age-old gameplay and style I Am Setsuna tried to recreate and as such, we get an educated review that caters specifically to the fans in question.

Even when JRPGs were in their heyday, fans would complain of critics that were simply not qualified to review such games; many still can’t get over the 6 the original Suikoden received at the hands of GameSpot. JRPG fanatics have long since understood that a critic needs to “get it” and in point of fact, this critic absolutely gets it. Furthermore, it’s a well-written, nicely structured review that keeps us reading ’til the end. Well done.

Congrats, Colette!

Why We Like It:

— First and foremost, the critic understands the old-school JRPG fan base. If you’re going to write a review for this particular game, this is essential.

Nicely presented with an eye toward which pluses and negatives the fan base will most care about. Gameplay (combat system above all), story and characters take center-stage.

Well-written and well-appointed, with a good flow to the text. This is critical for all reviews, though too many critics care more about general gaming knowledge than writing quality.

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3 thoughts on “The Daily Dot’s I Am Setsuna Review is Spot-On”

Great review and I agree with most of it. But I really think this game needed cut-scenes because old-school experiences THRIVED on those cut-scenes. It helped tell the story. It gave us a closer look at these characters and helped bring them to life.

I know everyone hates cut-scenes now (and we don’t really need them), but I say I Am Setsuna would’ve benefited from them.

I love this game. It has its problems (the Flux stuff is way too vague, and I wish we had regular equipment beyond the weapons and talismans) but it’s still loads of fun. Good ol’ turn-based goodness! 😀

I just finished it…I’m a little less happy with it than I was when I started, that’s all I can add.

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