The Escapist Offers Up an Engaging Lost Dimension Review

A fascinating combat mechanic can't quite make up for a mediocre plot.

A fascinating combat mechanic can’t quite make up for a mediocre plot.

When it comes to JRPGs, the audience is very niche. In fact, one could argue that with the rapid Western expansion over the past decade and a half, all Japanese games have a niche following in regions outside the Land of the Rising Sun. But if you’ve been on the fence lately; if you’ve either lost interest in the JRPG genre over the years or you’re thinking about diving in, Lost Dimension could be an option.

But you’ll need some spot-on information to help guide your decision. So, we say you should turn to The Escapist, where critic Angelo M. D’Argenio pens a great analysis of a game that features innovative, interesting combat and a disappointing plot. That seems to be the hallmark of so many Japanese titles these days, doesn’t it? At any rate, this is a solid review mixed with objective and subjective points that make for a well-rounded and highly readable evaluation.

It’s always easy to get sucked into the nuts-and-bolts analysis, especially when a game has some depth behind it. But here, we get all the details we need from that side, plus the proper all-encompassing viewpoint. By the time we’re done reading, we have all the information we need, and that’s the goal of any review. This is D’Argenio’s first honor here at VGRHQ, so his name has been added to our growing list of Honored Sources.

Congrats, Angelo!

Lost Dimension has a lot going for it, but can you overlook the shortcomings?

Lost Dimension has a lot going for it, but can you overlook the shortcomings?

Why We Like It:

The intro paragraph does its job; it draws us in. Too often, game critics are in a rush to get to the body, often forgetting about the importance of a good intro.

— There’s obviously lots to talk about, but this critic balances everything quite nicely. He doesn’t spend too long belaboring any one point.

Enough exhibited knowledge and expertise to convince the reader that in fact, this person is qualified to review this genre. This trait is becoming increasingly important to fans of Japanese-styled games.

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I’m getting Lost Dimension tomorrow and I’ve been reading the reviews. I don’t think this is the best one but its pretty good.

Just can’t get into these games anymore. I’m not even sure why…..I just can’t.

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