The Escapist Pens an Explosively Fun Just Cause 3 Review

Destruction abounds in this off-the-wall yet imperfect adventure.

Destruction abounds in this off-the-wall yet imperfect adventure.

The holiday season is always stressful. And if you’re looking for a release, an escape, a stress reliever of epic and unbelievable proportions, perhaps Just Cause 3 is for you. A balls-to-the-wall open-world action extravaganza, the latest from Avalanche Studios is chock full of explosions and impossible stunts. But it’s far from perfect, so you’ll have to take the bad with the good.

No review explains this better than our favorite, the one we found at The Escapist. Critic Mitchell Saltzman introduces us to this high-octane adventure with a solid introduction, and then proceeds to describe the game’s entertaining highs and disappointing lows. It’s a nicely balanced and candid analysis, one that captures the freewheeling essence of the title while still remaining grounded with the benefit of some objectivity.

It’s nice to see a review that properly ebbs and flows, giving us a both a bird’s-eye view of the product and a reason to keep reading. In other words, not all the pluses are in one part of the review, and then the negatives are bunched elsewhere. This is more dynamic as opposed to stilted, which we always appreciate.

Congrats, Mitchell!

Why We Like It:

— Thanks to a gripping introduction, the reader knows exactly what sort of game this is, and is encouraged to read on. It’s what good intros do.

— There’s a nice balance and even pacing throughout, making for an enjoyable and accessible read. Too many critics write reviews that are either too structured or too erratic.

— Doesn’t give elements like story and mission design a pass just because it all resides in a flashy package. All games should be analyzed in a similar fashion.

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2 thoughts on “The Escapist Pens an Explosively Fun Just Cause 3 Review”

The game is a blast. Plain and simple. 🙂

The game is great for the first few hours but even blowing stuff up gets a little boring after a while. I wish the story was better.

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