The Guardian Brings Us a Top-Quality Quantum Break Review

Quantum Break is an ambitious game but one critic says the missteps are too glaring to ignore.

Quantum Break is an ambitious game but one critic says the missteps are too glaring to ignore.

Xbox One fans have been waiting anxiously for this exclusive from Remedy Entertainment, and while the promising title did receive plenty of acclaim, there are a few dissenters.

A story-driven and ambitious project featuring intense interactive moments interspersed with live-action video, Quantum Break has proven to be a polarizing experience. Some say it’s fantastic because it places the emphasis on a branching narrative, and some really enjoy the implementation of those live-action segments. Others, like The Guardian’s Simon Parkin, say the game doesn’t quite hit the mark, as it feels more like a disjointed production that falls well shy of the developer’s lofty goals.

With plenty of great comparisons to games and movies that have utilized the concept of time to great effect – ranging from “Back to the Future” to “Chrono Trigger” – the critic explains why this game doesn’t deliver the promised goods. The evaluation is well-written and takes a firm stance, which you’d think would be more common in reviews, but we still see a lot of wishy-washy evaluations. This one isn’t wishy or washy and that’s great.

This is Simon Parkin’s second nod here at VGRHQ; the first was for Road Not Taken. So, congrats again, Simon!

Why We Like It:

— First up, we get a great introductory paragraph. It gives the reader a proper foundation for the review and gets us interested in the game’s premise.

Doesn’t shy away from drawing a line in the sand and explaining why the production falls short. This gives the reader a more complete “end-of-line” picture of the product.

— There are lots of Quantum Break reviews out there that try to be clever but too many overshoot. This one feels just about right, as it’s well-written, nicely structured, and highly digestible.

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3 thoughts on “The Guardian Brings Us a Top-Quality Quantum Break Review”

I actually really like the game. This criticism sounds a lot like the negative stuff I heard when Heavy Rain came out, and it was all garbage. I think the reviewer here makes some good points and Quantum Break is far from perfect, but to say it’s some massive mistake that should “never be repeated” is going too far.

I agree. At least it’s TRYING something new. It deserves credit for being a lot more ambitious than most every new game that hits the shelves these days.

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