The Guardian Impresses With A Grade-A Destiny 2 Review

The original Destiny was something of a phenomenon. Hyped to the ends of the earth, driven by an industry increasingly obsessed with first-person anything and the open-world sandbox structure, and produced by the highly respected Halo makers at Bungie, it was indeed a very, very big title.

But many believed it could’ve been far more fleshed-out upon its release. Though subsequent expansions and add-ons greatly enhanced the experience, many still remember that Destiny wasn’t really all it was cracked up to be when it launched.

So, what to expect from the sequel?

For that, we recommend turning to The Guardian, where critic Alex Hern wrote up an excellent Destiny 2 evaluation. First and foremost, he understands the very different facets of this particular production, tackling each in its turn. There is indeed a robust campaign to accompany the online entertainment, for instance.

But beyond that, we also get a well-structured, engaging analysis that answers our most burning questions and leaves us satisfied. We feel we have more than enough information to make a purchase decision, and those familiar with the first game will appreciate the expert compare-and-contrast segments.

Well done, Alex! This is Alex’s second nod here at VGRHQ; he was first honored for his excellent Overwatch review.

Why We Like It:

Nicely produced from top to bottom, with a solid flow and little in the way of meandering or tangents.

Recognizes that most gamers will want to know if, why and how Destiny 2 is superior, especially in regards to the original’s shortcomings.

Dives deep enough into the meat of the production without getting too mired; it’s a huge game, so it’s easy to produce an unfocused review. That doesn’t happen here.

Read Alex Hern’s Destiny 2 Review Now

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