The Guardian’s Overwatch Review is a Clear-Cut Winner

Colorful, fun, and a joy to play, or so says this top-notch review from The Guardian.

Colorful, fun, and a joy to play, or so says this top-notch review from The Guardian.

Okay, so the team-based shooter is common these days, as we just saw Battleborn and now Blizzard’s anticipated Overwatch is on store shelves. Plus, one could make the argument that lots of games can be deemed “team-based multiplayer” in the past few years. Still, this only makes the competition that much stiffer, so when a developer produces a big-time winner, it’s an even more significant accomplishment.

We like what we read in The Guardian’s analysis of Overwatch, primarily because it’s a rich blend of information and commentary. Critic Alex Hern pens an enjoyable introduction and then takes us through a logical yet entertaining analysis of the gameplay (which, considering the genre, is of course the massive focal point). It’s also interesting because the critic isn’t a self-proclaimed lover of the genre, so the reader feels as if he or she is getting an unbiased evaluation.

Lastly, just because the game gets a perfect score – 5 out of 5 stars – the critic doesn’t gloss over the flaws. He understands that a perfect score doesn’t mean “perfect” and explains why fun factor reigns supreme in this particular case. Bottom line: We get exactly what we want and need from this review, and it even puts a smile on our faces from time to time. Well done.

Congrats, Alex!

Why We Like It:

— So many reviews waste time with technicalities and details. While it’s important to go into detail, it’s also important to engage the reader from start to finish, which this review absolutely does.

The critic acknowledges the type and style of game, thereby putting proper emphasis on various aspects of the experience.

— Well-written and well-paced, which gives the piece a decidedly professional tone. And yet, there’s still a dash of personal flavor, which is nice.

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I’m actually surprised.

I didn’t intend to play this game at all but after seeing it at a friend’s house, I know I’m going to get it. THIS is the way a team shooter should be done!

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