The Jimquisition Delivers a Top-Quality Titanfall 2 Review

Is the sequel even better than the original? Critics are saying yes.

Is the sequel even better than the original? Critics are saying yes.

When Titanfall launched, the sheer amount of hype really was through the roof, and so were expectations. And while the game was rock solid, perhaps even great in the eyes of many, there was room for improvement. The question was, could the developers at Respawn Entertainment take that next step with the sequel; could they deliver a fantastic single-player experience (notably missing from the original title) and make the multiplayer even better? And could this one meet our lofty expectations?

Well, for the answer, we suggest heading over to The Jimquisition, where critic Jim Sterling writes up a great review of Titanfall 2. It begins with a top-notch introduction, reminding us of the massive hype train that accompanied the first game, and then dedicates equal time and effort into analyzing both the campaign and multiplayer action. And without giving anything away, we get peeks at the story and atmosphere, learn why certain elements fall just shy of greatness and why, in the end, Respawn has produced a sequel you’ll definitely want to play. In short, the review ticks every box we can think of.

Sterling has been honored here at VGRHQ before; his first nod was for his excellent Godzilla review.

Why We Like It:

Offers a solid foundation for the review by leading with the first game, which provides a fantastic basis for comparison. At the same time, the critic doesn’t spend the entire review comparing the two games; he mostly evaluates the merits of the new effort.

— While it can be difficult to balance single-player and multiplayer analysis in a review, we think the balance here is almost perfect. All your questions for both the campaign and multiplayer are answered.

— Not emotionally or personally invested (i.e., no highly subjective and somewhat irrelevant tangents); it’s just a professional, well-structured review that still has a hint of the critic’s personality.

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2 thoughts on “The Jimquisition Delivers a Top-Quality Titanfall 2 Review”

I heard the game was actually great…I just never like mech games. 🙁

Titanfall 2 is the best shooter of the year and easily one of the best games of the year, too. I was pleasantly surprised that the campaign was so good and I actually love the multiplayer, too. Kudos to Respawn…they went and made a better game after leaving the team that gave us this year’s Call of Duty, which isn’t as good as Titanfall 2. 😉

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