The Koalition Unleashes A Knockout Tekken 7 Review

The Tekken franchise has been around seemingly forever. A mainstay IP in the PlayStation world, it has long since been regarded as one of the most important and entertaining fighting IPs in video game history.

You’d have difficulty finding someone who has never played a Tekken installment; even those who aren’t into the genre likely had friends who owned at least one series entry. And let’s not forget that Tekken Tag Tournament was an exceedingly popular launch title for PS2. Even non-fighting followers bought that sucker.

Now, after an extended vacation, the iconic title is back. Tekken 7 has finally exploded onto the scene and though it isn’t bringing down ultra-lofty scores, the reviews are mostly positive. Our favorite can be found at The Koalition, where critic Jakejames Lugo pens a stellar analysis of the new effort. We get a well-paced review that tackles each element in turn, ultimately offering a well-rounded evaluation that highlights the game’s strengths and weaknesses.

There are many facets to fighters these days, and this review well understands that. The story is more prominent than ever, for example, and online gameplay is another huge element. But of course, at its core, it’s all about the gameplay, and we get an excellent analysis of those mechanics and systems without slogging through tedious and overly intricate assessments.

Congrats, Jakejames!

Why We Like It:

Nicely structured and decently paced, allowing the reader to move through each element quickly and easily.

— Understands fans don’t require point-by-point dissection of the gameplay, and provides a bird’s-eye view of the positives and negatives, which is precisely what we need for a game like this.

Keeps the review focused without skewing off into unnecessary tangents. Too many critics slip into the “soapbox world” when they write reviews but that doesn’t happen here.

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