The Last Guardian’s Best Review Can Be Found At…The Guardian

Trico and the boy…a memorable duo.

The gaming community has waited patiently – or not so patiently, as the case may be – for Team ICO’s hugely anticipated The Last Guardian. Originally slated to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, development hit numerous snags along the way and kept getting delayed. It eventually fell out of the previous generation, disappeared for a while, and suddenly reemerged a few years back as a freshly overhauled PS4 title. Those who adored ICO and Shadow of the Colossus back in the PS2 era were overjoyed but now that it’s here, has the lengthy design cycle had a negative impact on what should be a masterpiece?

For that answer, we recommend a stellar review we found at The Guardian. Yes, it’s just a coincidence that our favorite evaluation of The Last Guardian just so happens to be at a similarly-named publication. At any rate, critic Simon Parkin delivers a top-notch analysis that both reflects the wonderful artistic nature of the game and gives the gamer a bird’s-eye view of this singular adventure. Despite a few technical drawbacks (which we see noted in other reviews), Parkin focuses on what sets this particular experience apart and why it qualifies as a must-play title.

Simon has now received multiple nods here at VGRHQ; his first honor was for his Road Not Taken review.

Why We Like It:

Appropriately focuses on the partnership and “buddy” gameplay mechanic that drives the experience forward. There’s more to such a game than technical elements, as any Team ICO fan will tell you.

— Though the game has a long and troubled development history, this fact doesn’t play a critical part in the review. The final product is what matters; expectations and hype be damned.

Well-written, well-paced, and interesting to read. You might think it’s relatively easy to combine all these factors but it isn’t, and this is a good example of a review that hits all the high points in terms of structure and appeal.

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4 thoughts on “The Last Guardian’s Best Review Can Be Found At…The Guardian”

I’m playing it right now and I think it’s fantastic. The barrel thing can get a little frustrating every now and then but aside from that, this really is a memorable experience. 😀

I’m a little concerned about the technical issues I see mentioned in other reviews. Some are saying it’s insanely frustrating to deal with Trico and the environment at times, and the designer’s made control of the boy too wonky.

But I lived with it in ICO and SotC…if it’s not really any different, I’m sure I can overlook the flaw and love the experience. 🙂

I want it!

I have a few worries myself but I can’t NOT try it. ICO and SotC are just so incredible in so many ways that I’ve never forgotten them over the years. If The Last Guardian can even start to approach that level of genius, I’ll be happy.

I was sort of hoping this would be a contender for Game of the Year but it doesn’t look like it based on the Metacritic average of 83. 🙁

Most critics love it but a few really say the technical issues are too significant to overlook. That’s disappointing…maybe I’ll add it to my Christmas list so I don’t have to pay for it. 😛

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