The Legend Of Zelda Receives A Wildly Fantastic Review From GamesRadar

Zelda is back and this new world will knock your socks off!

The Legend of Zelda isn’t just a long-running IP; it’s one of the few in the video game industry that qualifies for “legend” status. If you’re old enough, you remember when Link first dazzled us all with his first dungeon-crawling adventure. If you’re a little younger, perhaps your first experience was Ocarina of Time, a landmark title and a memorable experience for all young  gamers.

Now, a new adventure has arrived and as expected, critics are adoring the fresh-feeling, wildly appealing quest. It’s a veritable love-fest out there! It’s hard to find a favorite review amidst all the gushing but we finally found it over at GamesRadar.

Critic Matthew Castle pens an excellent review that not only keeps us reading from the first sentence to the last but also captures the spirit of Breath of the Wild. The reader will undoubtedly know the game is of the highest quality, so they want the next level: How will this game impact me? Even if it’s great, what’s it like to play it? In short, the “what can I really expect?” question will be paramount for veteran Zelda fans and newcomers alike, and this critic does a fantastic job of answering that all-important question.

Creative and technical, moving smoothly through atmosphere, gameplay, mechanics and narrative, the review allows us to see everything there is to see; it’s the next best thing to actually sitting down to play it. Great job!

Congrats, Matthew!

Why We Like It:

Wonderfully constructed, as the flow of the analysis feels just right. This flow aptly reflects the nature of the interactive experience in question, too.

— Without veering too far off the beaten path, the critic paints a vivid, expressive picture of the game, using broad brushstrokes in certain places and paying close attention to intricate detail in others.

Pays homage to the IP’s long history without getting bogged down in constant comparisons. Legendary IPs require a little reflection but a new product should always stand on its own.

Read Matthew Castle’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review Now

5 thoughts on “The Legend Of Zelda Receives A Wildly Fantastic Review From GamesRadar”

Okay, okay…I might have to get a Switch now. 🙁

It looks beautiful but I just refuse to buy a system for only one game. I’ve never done that at a launch and I never will. I’ll wait until the end of the year when there are more games I want to play on it, like the new Mario Kart, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, etc.

And yes, I know BotW is on Wii U but A. I never got that train-wreck of a console, and B. It’s obviously a lot better on the Switch. 🙂

Plan on getting the Switch for my birthday. Until then, I’ll just have to be patient…

‘runs back to play more Horizon’

Really feels like Ocarina of Time 2.0….or more like 5.0 or something. 😛

This definitely is NOT the Zelda the old-schoolers remember but it grew in the right direction, IMO.

I still think the Switch is overpriced and the launch lineup is ABYSMAL but…

Maybe this game is good enough to warrant a purchase. ‘sigh’


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