The Review Score Watch Dogs Needs to Live Up to The Hype

It's one of the biggest games of 2014...and the pressure is on.

It’s one of the biggest games of 2014…and the pressure is on.

When a game has accumulated as much hype as Watch Dogs, one has to wonder:

What sort of review scores are necessary to stop gamers everywhere from using the word “flop?” How high must the average score be before the expectant consuming public deems the game a success?

As we’ve discussed here at VGRHQ, games with a gigantic amount of hype and expectation have a lot of pressure on them when they release. Granted, if it’s big enough, and the publisher pumps in enough advertising dollars, the game will probably sell just fine.

However, higher review scores almost always result in more sales, and that goes double when it comes to new IPs.

As we anxiously await the game's arrival, we wonder how high it'll have to score...

As we anxiously await the game’s arrival, we wonder how high it’ll have to score…

Don’t forget, that’s what Watch Dogs is: A new IP. We’re having difficult thinking of a new brand that has received this much attention in recent years. Uncharted didn’t have half the hype, for instance, and neither did Assassin’s Creed. Perhaps the original Halo…?

Anyway, the point is that people are going to be expecting certain reviews and if those scores are lower than anticipated, it will be a very hot topic…and one that’s loaded with negativity. The good news is that the first official review (from French publication Jeux Video) was extremely complimentary and earned 19 of 20 stars. That’s promising.

At the same time, it’s those scores on the 10-point scales that will get all the attention, as they always do. So, the question is for you: What review scores does Watch Dogs need to come out looking like a winner?

Our Take: If the game doesn’t average a 90+ on Metacritic, you will invariably find people calling the game a disappointment. At the same time, mid-8s will probably be acceptable, possibly because this is a new IP.

6 thoughts on “The Review Score Watch Dogs Needs to Live Up to The Hype”

It needs 9s right across the board. The first 8 it gets is going to be accompanied by an outpouring of “LAMLAMLAM, the game flopped!”

Gamers can be so unbelievably stupid at times.

Yes, they can be stupid, but if the game only gets 8s, gamers have a legitimate beef. The way this game has been advertised and promoted, averaging an 8 would definitely seem subpar.

My guess is high eights low nines (8.7-9.2) range. I would be surprised if it was higher than 9.2 range and not very surprised if it was in the 8.5 range. Anything below 8.5 would be a death null.

9s and up.

The only problem is that if it DOES score that well, Ubisoft will immediately want to annualize it the way they did with AC…

The reviews for Watch Dogs will be important but maybe not THAT important. I think the sheer amount of hype and advertising will override the new IP problem.

To some extent, anyway.

Well, if it needed 9s, it’s not getting there…the Metacritic average is just over 8 right now.

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