The Telegraph Pens a Bombastic Review of Battlefield 1

Sounds like this World War I shooter is a triumphant return to form.

Sounds like this World War I shooter is a triumphant return to form.

It’s one of the most respected shooters of all time but most fans would agree that Battlefield really needed a top-notch entry in 2016. Battlefield: Hardline, while fresh, didn’t quite cut the mustard, and hardcore franchise followers recall the horrid online issues with Battlefield 4 with dismay. But when Battlefield 1 was unveiled, many thought the developers were on the right track this time: Another fresh idea (World War I!) and what could be an appreciated return to form, the likes of which many say we haven’t seen since the days of Bad Company 2.

Well, did we get it? Does Battlefield 1 deliver on all fronts (pun intended)? For that answer, we suggest you turn to the excellent review we found at The Telegraph. Critic Kirk McKeand writes up a rich, immersive, wonderfully detailed analysis that not only tells us everything we could want to know about the game, but also makes us want to play it. We really dislike the positive reviews that, despite the praise, somehow still seem stale and expressionless. This review is quite the opposite; while still loaded with depth and explanation, it still moves along well and retains a tone of restrained excitement throughout. Great job.

Congrats, Kirk! This is his second nod at VGRHQ; his first Honored Review was Ratchet & Clank.

Why We Like It:

A solid understanding of the series in question is evident from the get-go, which is something too many people overlook. For long-running and well-established IPs, a critic should have a deep knowledge of that franchise before reviewing a new installment.

— Even though all shooters these days put a heavy emphasis on multiplayer, this critic puts equal time and effort into examining both the campaign and the online action. It’s especially important when the campaign apparently delivers big time.

Offers a full, in-depth, complete evaluation that both entrenched fans and newcomers will appreciate. We get the requisite comparisons to past entries in the series, but the critic also lets the game stands on its own merits, which results in an objective, reliable stance.

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4 thoughts on “The Telegraph Pens a Bombastic Review of Battlefield 1”

I’m hearing nothing but good things about this game. I wasn’t really planning to get it but now I think I might have to… Besides, all these comparisons to Bad Company 2 are encouraging; that was by far and away my favorite Battlefield. 🙂

Great review! I’ve been waiting to play it for a while and I’ve known for a few months that I’d be getting Battlefield 1 instead of that craptastic new Call of Duty. Infinity Ward totally dropped the ball and EA DICE has picked it up…and they’re running with it! 😀

Excellent stuff. I didn’t really expect this game to score this well but I’m happy to see the results. Gonna have to play it now. 🙂

I hear it’s a darn good game. But I won’t have time for it ‘cuz Dishonored 2 is out next week and that’s all that matters right now. 🙂

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