The Telegraph’s Forza Horizon 3 Review Races Into Our Hearts

The latest installment in the acclaimed racing sim series has earned widespread praise.

The latest installment in the acclaimed racing sim series has earned widespread praise.

Racing fans have been anxiously awaiting the latest entry in the popular and award-winning Forza Horizon series, and it hits store shelves in just a few days. It’s earning glowing acclaim from just about every corner of the gaming world and most publications are saying it’s a surefire instant classic, an absolute masterpiece of a racer. We always enjoy reading reviews of great products (we prefer positive vibes, after all) and our favorite Forza Horizon 3 review can be found at The Telegraph.

Critic Tom Hoggins writes up a top-notch review of this stunning racer, as the reader is brought on an intricate yet still high-octane ride, filled with great description and clean objective judgment. Much like the game itself, the review grabs us from the outset and never lets go, moving logically through each aspect of the experience. Racing buffs will appreciate the informed elements of the review, while even casual gamers will love the overarching enthusiasm. Furthermore, because the game’s freedom lets you race almost however you please, there’s no reason to spend paragraph upon paragraph breaking down the minute sim aspects.

In other words, this is a well-rounded, accessible yet informed, and wonderfully entertaining review that, in a way, reflects the apparently super high fun factor and freewheeling nature of the product in question. Congrats, Tom!

Why We Like It:

A great introduction hooks us from the outset and keeps us reading. Not enough critics these days focus on those first few paragraphs and they’re absolutely essential (as they are in most writing disciplines).

— As the game is more of a hybrid sim/freedom-oriented arcade racer, the critic embraces this dynamic heady combination and it shines through in the text.

— Especially positive reviews should be a vehicle for the critic’s creativity; an opportunity to show that avid enthusiasm that winks at every reader and says, “this is why I’m a video game critic.” This is a perfect example.

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3 thoughts on “The Telegraph’s Forza Horizon 3 Review Races Into Our Hearts”

I’m mostly a Gran Turismo guy but frankly, that series hasn’t done much for me in a while. The only problem is, I don’t have an Xbox One and I really have no intention of getting it at any point. I’m not THAT much of a hardcore racing fan. 😛

It’s a great game but I wish it was a little more simulated. Forza has always been about this awesome blend and frankly, that’s why I think it never directly competed with GT. More like a Need for Speed on steroids.

I got this as a birthday present and even though I didn’t think I’d like it very much, I LOVE it. I haven’t liked a racer this much in years and it’s because of just how dynamic and balanced it is.

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