The Telegraph’s Ratchet & Clank Review Elicits Smiles

This remake isn't just a spruced-up old game. It's much, much more...

This remake isn’t just a spruced-up old game. It’s much, much more…

We recently posted an editorial about how the video game industry has lost a lot of its charm and innocence. To combat the rising tide of grit and dark reality, or perhaps simply to cater to the die-hard fans of this beloved IP, developer Insomniac has released a remake of the original PS2 classic, Ratchet & Clank.

And after reading a bunch of great reviews, we’ve decided that The Telegraph’s top-notch analysis is our favorite. As a reminder, it’s never about the score; it’s about the review itself, and in this case, we get an exceedingly well-written and well-constructed evaluation that puts a smile on our face. Critic Kirk McKeand seeks to capture the spirit of the game in question and provides the reader with a fantastic blend of objective analysis, appreciated subjective viewpoints, and a few relevant historical tidbits.

It’s the right way to approach a remake, which should not be reviewed in exactly the same fashion as a brand new game. And finally, Insomniac obviously put their heart and soul into this reproduction; they should expect nothing less from the critic who reviews the end result. That’s precisely what they get here.

Congrats, Kirk!

Why We Like It:

— First and foremost, the critic recognizes the fact that this is a remake, and approaches the review accordingly. Too many critics just aren’t getting this.

Very well-structured and presented, the review catches the eye from the outset and encourages the reader to continue through to the end.

— We love it when critics go out of their way to mirror the spirit and style of a game, and it’s all the more appreciated with a game like R&C.

Read Kirk McKeand’s Ratchet & Clank Review Now

4 thoughts on “The Telegraph’s Ratchet & Clank Review Elicits Smiles”

OMG, I love this game.

The entire game makes me smile, plain and simple. Everything about it is just SO unbelievably well done and it’s all just so…lovable. 😀

Yep, that’s the word: Lovable. 😀

I can’t stop playing. I haven’t enjoyed a game this much in a loooooong time.

What’s that say about gaming today? I mean, I still love lots of new games that come out but none of them are like this…I wonder why…

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