The Witcher 3 Has the Hottest Ladies in Gaming, Bar None

Ciri: One of the most gorgeous ladies to ever wield a blade.

Ciri: One of the most gorgeous ladies to ever wield a blade.

Yes, I know. In today’s world, you’re not even supposed to say women are “hot.” You have to first deliver a disclaimer along the lines of: “I promise I don’t objectify women in reality, I don’t believe all women should look like Barbie, and I don’t like the characters in question only because of their physical appearance.” If you don’t issue such a disclaimer, you will be branded the worst sort of sexist misogynist and you’ll have death threats splattered all over your social media. Such is the world we live in.

But as I wouldn’t care in the slightest if a female gamer wrote an article about the “hottest guys in such-and-such game,” I’m hoping the rational and intelligent will allow me to praise the ladies of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. And it’s certainly true that I like them because of their personalities; the writers gave characters like Ciri, Yennefer and Triss excellent, multi-dimensional personas that made us appreciate their inclusion in the story. Any good writer will ask the question: “What would the story be like without these characters? If you can’t imagine the story without them, they’re critical.”

Yennefer: The sorceress to die for.

Yennefer: The sorceress to die for.

Well, I can’t imagine the story in this game without these women, can you? Yeah, they’re hot. I’m fairly certain that, despite my staunch individuality, Yennefer would be one of those women who would completely own my life…and I’d let her. But it’s not simply because she’s beautiful; it’s also because I have a thing for confident, even cocky women with both power and a sexy, tender underbelly. It’s all the more appealing if I’m one of the few people on earth who know about that soft interior. It makes Geralt feel special, doesn’t it?

I think a game like this is a big step forward for women. These characters are not abnormally proportioned; they merely look like young, healthy, energetic women. They remind me of the new Lara Croft. But more importantly, they’re fantastic characters that make the story interesting and emotional. The writers skillfully blend romance, humor, and the powerful battle of wills with a standard save-the-world mantra, and that’s commendable. On top of which, for the majority of the game, it’s actually more about saving an individual. Geralt is after Ciri because he’s like a father to her, and all those who care about Ciri want her back; not for the sake of the world, but because they love her.

Triss: Flame on!

Triss: Flame on!

Toss in Triss Marigold and Keira Metz, two more characters who are wildly different from one another and still add more dimension to the narrative, and you’ve got a story just brimming with female verve. Geralt may be the protagonist, and there are plenty of important male characters (Vesimir, Zoltan, Lambert, etc.), but there would be no story at all without the leading ladies.  They’re easy on the eyes, sure. If there isn’t one who you find even the least bit attractive, I’ll have to question your taste in females. But hey, that’s all in fun.

Let’s just hope more developers take a hint from CD Projekt Red. I want more games with hot female characters who just so happen to have brains and ambition.

7 thoughts on “The Witcher 3 Has the Hottest Ladies in Gaming, Bar None”

Two things:

1. I’m a woman.

2. I love the game and this article.

I don’t look like the women in this game (few do) but that doesn’t mean they’re impossibly shaped and more than that, they’re strong, smart women who are just so important for the story.

Kudos, VGRHQ and CD Projekt Red!

I’m pretty sure if Ciri walked into my house tomorrow I’d propose. 😉

Yennefer for me. 😀

I’ve always been all about Triss but I have to admit, CD Projekt Red outdid themselves in the female department this time.

I bet people fall a little more in love thanks to the British accents. C’mon, admit it. It’s silly sexy for some reason. LOL

LOL Hadn’t thought of that!

You’re almost certainly right. 😀

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