TheSixthAxis Has a Virginia Review That Makes Us Smile

Virginia is proving to be a polarizing game.

Virginia is proving to be a polarizing game.

If you’re looking for a narrative-driven adventure that is more about the story and characters and less about the direct interaction, you’ve probably enjoyed games like Heavy RainLife Is StrangeUntil DawnDear Esther, etc. And as such, you might be intrigued by Virginia, a first-person story-centric game that is undoubtedly more cerebral than most video game experiences. Despite its flaws (which some critics really can’t get past) one review at TheSixthAxis seems both thoughtful and objective.

Critic Jim Hargreaves writes up a fantastic analysis of the game that is earning an abnormally wide range of scores. In this review, we find a well-written piece of criticism that praises the game’s surprisingly good pacing (always a challenge for this particular niche genre), while still citing a few drawbacks that keep the title from achieving elite levels. The writing style is solid and reflects the thoughtfulness and depth of the game in question, and isn’t especially long. The shorter length tends to keep the reader focused, however, and also keeps the review focused as well.

Congrats, Jim!

Why We Like It:

— In keeping with the more cerebral game type, the review emphasizes the story and pacing above all else, which is the right thing to do in this instance.

Doesn’t waste a lot of time evaluating the technical elements. They were of a good quality but again, the game isn’t so much about the visuals and mechanics, and that’s important to understand.

— Though we generally reward longer reviews, there are times when shorter pieces of criticism are sweeter and makes more sense for particular games. This is one of those times.

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Another of these narrative-based games. Well, I really loved Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and I didn’t think I would, so maybe I should add this to my list alongside Dear Esther…

I’m not sure about this one…sometimes I can get hooked by these types of games and other times I’m just bored to tears.

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