Unity Fiasco: Has Ubisoft’s Reputation Suffered a Big Hit?

It's a wildly ambitious game but it lacks execution.

It’s a wildly ambitious game but it lacks execution.

If you ask any avid gamer, they’ll probably tell you that either Activision or Electronic Arts is the most despised publisher in the video game industry. However, another big company might be gaining: Ubisoft.

Assassin’s Creed Unity was one of the most anticipated games of the new generation. And while it turned out to be a hugely ambitious project, the majority of critics and gamers agreed that it was technically flawed, almost to the point of dark comedy. There was the now-infamous “no face” glitch (which Ubisoft has since fixed), along with a host of annoying issues, including getting stuck in hay carts and significant platforming problems.

Since these became known, Ubisoft has been good enough to keep gamers apprised of their progress via the game’s live updates page. Now, this a step in the right direction, as consumers can keep an eye on the company’s work. It’s hard to complain about that. At the same time, had the issues not existed in the first place, none of that would be necessary, right? It’s a matter of releasing a solid product to market and gamers paying for something reliable.

It's another game that shipped with some serious bugs...what's going on?

It’s another game that shipped with some serious bugs…what’s going on?

But it didn’t end with Unity. Less than a week later, we hear about a host of Far Cry 4 bugs and glitches. Most of these don’t directly impact the gameplay but even so, it’s another Ubisoft product that should’ve failed some QA tests. As GamesRadar notes, something must be amiss: These are two massive projects with super-big budgets and plenty of talent. How could both games suffer from such serious problems? Why should there be any glitches or bugs? Shouldn’t we expect something better from Ubisoft?

We don’t mean to contend that a product should be perfect, nor are we going to condemn developer ambition. We should applaud striving for the stars and we should acknowledge the sheer scope and size of games like Unity and Far Cry 4. There’s no doubt that both had a boatload of potential and many will still agree that FC4 is one of the best titles of 2014. They’ll also agree that Unity could’ve been one of the year’s best; it just isn’t technically sound.

The question is this: How badly has Ubisoft’s reputation suffered? At what point are they going to see drops in sales due to consumer suspicion? That may never happen, given the immense pull of the IPs in question but then again, gamers don’t forget easily. Some of the more cynical and vindictive can really hold a grudge against a publisher and while this really only applies to the core crowd, it can still leave a mark. Perhaps an official apology and some free content for these games would go a long way toward rebuilding gamer trust…

6 thoughts on “Unity Fiasco: Has Ubisoft’s Reputation Suffered a Big Hit?”

I really want to play Unity. I think that as usual, gamers are complaining too much. Sure, there are problems, but I’ve ready plenty of positive reviews that say the game is still great. Same goes for Far Cry 4.

Ubisoft is working hard to resolve the issues as well, which is more than can be said for other publishers who released less-than-perfect products.

I agree. Gamers can whine with the best of them. That being said, there ARE some unforgivable design problems in Unity that really shouldn’t have happened. Especially not with new hardware!

Assassin’s Creed Unity is sort of a mess and it can be frustrating to play. I know that. ……and yet, i keep playing it. 😉

I’m in exactly the same boat. LOL

I’ve kept playing as well. But WOW is it hard to get money in this game!

Just got it and I’m having fun too. 🙂

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