Until Dawn Receives a Stellar Review from Game Rant

It's an interactive horror movie that tasks you with making some difficult decisions.

It’s an interactive horror movie that tasks you with making some difficult decisions.

It has gone through several manifestations over the years. What began as a PlayStation 3 game that focused on Sony’s PlayStation Move eventually crossed generations and became a PS4 exclusive that ditched Move and zeroed in on an interactive horror movie vibe. As such, Until Dawn is one of the more anticipated titles of the current era, and you’re probably dying to know how it came out.

There are lots of reviews out there but one of our favorites can be found at Game Rant, where critic Anthony Taormina pens an excellent evaluation of the latest PS4 exclusive.  A game like this requires someone willing to tackle the game as a whole, to present the reader with a clear idea of what sort of thrills and chills he or she can expect. Taormina does a good job of that, while simultaneously delivering a technical and objective analysis of the game’s general performance.

By the time you’re done reading, you should understand precisely what Until Dawn is – critical, considering the gameplay style – and you should also come to a conclusion concerning a purchase decision. Is this really the kind of game you’d enjoy? Given the nature of this type of interaction, it’s a valid and popular question, and here’s one review that can help you find an answer.

Congrats, Anthony!

Why We Like It:

Correctly puts a focus on the game’s ability to deliver a new kind of interactive horror experience. After all, this was clearly the goal of the developers.

— While there is subjectivity (all critics should offer an opinion, of course), these personal comments don’t dominate the review. We’re seeing a lot of reviews for this game where the critic spends too much time talking about whether or not he or she was scared.

— Offers a well-rounded, nicely presented review that tells us everything we need to know in an entertaining fashion.

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3 thoughts on “Until Dawn Receives a Stellar Review from Game Rant”

It really sucks that I’m prone to nightmares because this sounds like just my kind of game. I LOVED Heavy Rain. 🙁

That is too bad. But let me tell you from experience that if you do get nightmares, do NOT play Until Dawn. Even if it’s tempting because really, it’s pretty damn good. 😉

WAY overrated.

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