USGamer Publishes A Spectacular Review Of Nioh

Nioh was always one of those anticipated projects that had a boatload of potential. Despite its long and arduous journey as an IP (it actually began as a PS3 project), hardcore actions fans had faith in Team Ninja. After all, any design team that can produce the legendary Ninja Gaiden franchise automatically has a leg up on the competition…this is what they DO.

Well, Nioh has finally arrived and those fans are anxiously devouring the reviews that are starting to hit the ‘net. Thankfully, it appears the developers did indeed deliver a top-notch title; the game that reminded everyone of the long-dead Onimusha series appears to be a successful blend of Dark Souls and the aforementioned Ninja Gaiden. And as you might expect, that’s hardly a bad thing.

Our favorite review of the recently released slash-fest can be found at USGamer, where critic John Learned tossed up an excellent, well-appointed, nicely thought-out analysis that answers every one of our questions. There’s a nice balance between story and gameplay information, with significant and appreciated nods to the atmosphere and mechanics, and we get both an intricate evaluation of the game itself as well as a bird’s-eye view of the production.

It’s an impressive balancing act that is worthy of praise, that’s for sure. And if you’re wondering just how similar Nioh is to games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, you’ll get that answer here, along with a boatload of helpful information. Congrats, John!

Why We Like It:

Kicks things off by addressing the rampant comparisons to existing action/adventure games. When most of your readers have this question at the forefront, it’s best to start there.

— Without getting too technical, we get a fantastic assessment of the combat and gameplay in general, though this doesn’t dominate the review. We still get plenty of great details that help round out the reading experience.

Complete and all-encompassing, it’s clear the critic spent a lot of time with the product in question. You can always tell when a reviewer has done an appropriate deep-dive and that is quite evident here.

Read John Learned’s Nioh Review Now

3 thoughts on “USGamer Publishes A Spectacular Review Of Nioh”

Can’t wait to try it. It doesn’t have to be a Bloodborne clone…in fact, I don’t want it to be. I just want it to be a satisfying action/RPG, and I haven’t played one since Dark Souls III.

When I saw it, I immediately thought of Onimusha. Looks like this is a little closer to Demon’s Souls, but that’s okay…so long as it isn’t TOO hard.

I just don’t like games that feel like chores and it scares me that everyone is comparing this to Ninja Gaiden. Those games were BRUTAL hard… 🙁

Ooooh…I SO gotta try this. 🙂

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