USGamer’s Ace Review of Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice

Everyone's favorite video game attorney has returned, and USGamer has the definitive evaluation.

Everyone’s favorite video game attorney has returned, and USGamer has the definitive evaluation.

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney franchise is one of the most widely respected IPs in all of video game history. Though it has always maintained its niche appeal (mainstream/casual gamers are generally unaware of its existence), it has built a fiercely loyal following over the years. And despite going through a bit of an identity crisis, the series has now returned in fine form. Critics are loving Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, recently released in North America for the Nintendo 3DS.

And for a top-notch review, you should visit USGamer. Critic Bob Mackey tackles the analysis with gusto and verve, giving the die-hard followers a solid foundation with a bit of history and comparison, and ultimately producing an entertaining and well-rounded evaluation. What’s especially nice is the interweaving of those comparisons to previous entries and the explanation of the title’s pros and cons. In other words, the critic lets the game’s merits speak for themselves, while still incorporating prior efforts.

Congrats, Bob!

Why We Like It:

Fantastic detail and dissection without getting tiresome or boring. When a review offers a fair amount of explanation, it can often start to drag; no such problem here.

— Deftly combines franchise information and history (via compare and contrast) with a standard, objective analysis, thereby resulting in a complete and informative review.

Speaks to the fans without ignoring newcomers who might be intrigued by the new game. It’s always important to appeal to the followers, especially with such niche titles, but don’t forget fresh eyes might be checking it out, too.

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I love Phoenix Wright!

So happy to see him back in top shape and this review is great. The only problem is I have to find time to play it….. 🙁

Even though the games sort of fell off the pace in recent years, Phoenix Wright remains one of the best franchises out there. It’s actually unique too, which you don’t often find these days.

Oh, this is mine. ‘clears gaming schedule’ 😀

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