USGamer’s Drakengard 3 Review: Excellence in Mediocrity


A game that had a lot of potential falls flat for a variety of reasons.

A game that had a lot of potential falls flat for a variety of reasons.

Drakengard 3 was one of the more anxiously anticipated games among Japanese aficionados, especially those who enjoyed the series back in the PS2 generation.

However, the critical reception has been lukewarm at best, even though we were able to find a few very positive reviews. For the most part, critics have a problem with the game’s lackluster story, questionable style and humor, and subpar technical elements.

Nobody has summarized this apparently disappointing production better than USGamer’s Kat Bailey, who wrote an excellent review of a mediocre product (hence, the headline). In this case, the critic balances objective analysis with personal reaction, which can be difficult to do. In this case, however, it’s done professionally and with an appropriately entertaining twist.

Nothing really clicks in Drakengard 3, despite the developer's insistence on visceral effects.

Nothing really clicks in Drakengard 3, despite the developer’s insistence on visceral effects.

Why We Like It:

— Correctly tackles the tone and atmosphere of the production. Certain games revel in a particular style and if you’re not on board with Drakengard 3‘s bloody display, that’ll pose a problem.

— For a game that’s supposed to be big on story, this one falls well shy. The critic tackles another critical component; epic single-player RPGs need a solid story, but the “poor writing” here is a big drawback.

— We love The Breakdown. Lots of reviews have end summaries, but many are either too long, too subjective, or not informative enough. The finishing summary at USGamer is just about right.


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4 thoughts on “USGamer’s Drakengard 3 Review: Excellence in Mediocrity”

Never got into Drakengard back in the day. It’s sad to see Japanese games falling on such hard times, though.

Eh, I knew it would flop. Drakengard 3 just didn’t have enough going for it; I could tell in previews and videos.

Bah. Another Japanese game flops. 🙁

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